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What I Wore Wednesday and the great tan disaster


Last Thursday, in preparation for the wedding I was going to be in on Saturday, I got my first ever airbrush spray tan.

It will probably be my last.

It's not that I wasn't happy with how it turned out after I waited the prerequisite 12 hours before showering... it's the trauma I went through during that first 12 hours... due to both my lack of forethought, and proper knowledge of how it actually worked. 

You see, while I knew to wear loose clothing afterwards and not get wet or sweaty for at least 6 hours, I did NOT know that I would also appear exceptionally dark and ORANGISH until the top layer could be washed off, as the tan actually develops slowly underneath. (the top layer is just the color guide, so the personal airbrusher can see where they've covered). 

And if I had known that, I would NOT have had it done the morning of my cousin's bridal tea at my Nanna's house - the tea that I was supposed to help set up and host!

It also didn't help that not 20 minutes after getting airbrushed, my sister-in-law's dog ran up and licked a huge swipe across one of my knees - revealing a wide white stripe, and a little after that while consoling my crying 3-year-old, one of his large tears fell and dripped down my other knee, leaving a 4-inch-long white mark that looked like a knee surgery scar! And my bridesmaid dress was above-knee length!!

By the time I showed up at my Nanna's to help set up, I was not only incredibly embarrassed of how dark I looked and in a panic about my knees, but it had started raining. Of course. I was ready to bag it all and jump in the shower right there and then, washing my $39.00 tan down the drain. But instead, I covered my head and made a dash for it, calling the lady who did my tan to see what I should do about my white spots. 

(She encouraged me to wait the full 12 hours and shower before coming in for a retouch as most likely just the top layer was wiped off and the skin underneath would probably still darken. Which it thankfully did.)

All this is to explain how I went from looking like THIS on Wednesday...
Mary Poppins broadway show. Tank: Shade, skirt/belt: Maurice's, sandals: Target, felt flower pin: Sariejune etsty shop
 To THIS on Thursday!!!
Cousin's bridal tea. dress: Dress Barn, necklace: gift from Mexico, bracelet: thrifted, sandals: Payless
And if you're still not sure how awkwardly dark & orange I felt, here's another shot.


Resemblance, anyone? At least that's how I felt. 

By Friday morning I was thrilled to see the water turn a dark brown/orange as I washed the top layer away, and I showed up to the wedding rehearsal nicely tanned.
Tank: Walmart: skirt: Bass outlet: Sandals: Target, bracelet: Goodwill, necklace: Premier Designs
It was perfect for the outdoor wedding Saturday evening...
dress & ribbon belt: David's Bridal, wedge sandals: Target, necklace: my Nanna's, earrings: Dress Barn, hair flower: Ross, husband: mine :)

And still looked nice for church on Sunday...
blouse & bracelet: Maurice's, skirt: thrifted (Apostraphe), heels: Payless, necklace: Claire's
And for a class we were teaching Monday evening.
tank: Walmart, skirt: Goodwill (Gap), belt & sandals: rummage sale, necklace: Van Heusen outlet, bracelet: Premier Designs
In fact, it still looks great! 

So while I'm not sure I want to go through the initial trouble I had again, I would actually recommend personal airbrushing to someone, as long as they fully understood what it would look like at first!! 

(I went to Michelle of, and she was really lovely... once I got over my initial embarrassment of standing almost naked in front of her after having only met 5 minutes previously ;)

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  1. Haha... this made me giggle. I had no idea how those worked either! But it looks great!

  2. Without seeing the before photo, I though the tan looked totally natural. But your comparison is pretty funny!

    I love that bridesmaid dress. Actually I love everything about it from the length to the color and the bow. It looks fantastic on you!

  3. Hahaha! Oh my! Glad the knees turned out o.k. You look gorgeous and I love the bridesmaid dress (and your hair). Whenever I was in a wedding we had to wear ugly dresses, lol!

    Did they say how long those things last? I've been thinking of going to a tanning bed because I don't want to lose the tan I got while on vacation.

  4. Love your outfit combos. I feel like you are stepping out more. And your cute new shirt you got (floral one) I cant wait to see how you pare that! Love you my amazingly adorable friend. xoxo

  5. Oh wow...I am sure I would have been freaking out too! LOL :) The after of the tan is really great though and you looked amazing in your dress! Love all your outfits too...the green tank with the turquoise necklace and denim skirt is especially cute. :)

  6. It was fun to live it with you and have it turn out ok.

  7. All great outfits! Love the black dress for the wedding! I have never had a spray tan and had wondered how that worked. I use self tanner all the time though and love it.

  8. You always look cute, Jodi! :) I didn't realize the progress of the spray tan; I have always wanted to try it! :) I think you look great and the dress at the wedding is beautiful on you! :)


  9. Well, aside from the initial orange-ness, you look great! Love, love, love ALL your outfits this week. And you looked fabulous at the wedding! :)

  10. hey jodi! im stopping by from the pleated poppy... sooo funny, thanks for sharing! and good to know about the spray tan- i had no idea either.

    love your outfits, especially monday night... and i had the same bridesmaid dresses. my bm's said it was comfy and i think its very flattering! you look great!

  11. Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry you had to be orange--that's awful. I've never had a spray tan, so I had no idea about the layers and the shower wait window--but I'm happy it worked out--you looked FAB. Good to know it lasted a while too--that makes your ordeal worth it. :)

    Love your first outfit with the orange flower and all of your dresses/skirts for the wedding events.

    We saw Mary Poppins on Broadway in February. Wasn't it FABULOUS?!?! Yes. :)

  12. Oompa loompa aside, you did look lovely in the Wedding ..Wednesday and Monday are my fav's

  13. omgosh, I'm sorry, I was dying of laughter when you were re-telling your story. And then I felt bad for laughing because although I've never had a spray tan I've had horrible experiences with tanning products (that you apply yourself). And I was miserable.

    It looks like the first day was the worst of it and then it evened out. And girl, you look awesome in ALL your pictures!

  14. Oh man!! That is certainly a story!! Glad everything worked out for the wedding!!! You have a good sense of humor! :)