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Scenes from a yard sale


We had a successful weekend, money and fun-wise. 

But boy, did running a yard sale wear us out! So much so, that we skipped church yesterday morning, slept in, and still took three hour naps in the afternoon. 

I never actually got out of my sweats all day. 

Or cooked anything besides pancakes and chocolate chip cookies - regular Sunday staples. 

(click to enlarge)

Some things to note:

- Russ was IN. HIS. ELEMENT. I think he enjoyed throwing the sale as much as he enjoys going to them. Plus, he got to play in his shop all weekend, sorting and organizing, and this made him very, very happy. 
- As it turns out, a happy Russell means a generous-with-the-yard-sale-earnings Russell.
- Fresh pedicure, here I come ;)
- Kendall and Cooper threw themselves 100% into their hotdog stand and employed many a sales tactic to draw customers, including sending their 3-year-old little brother to ask shoppers if they wanted to buy "wunch". (Which worked quite well.) By the end of the first day they had earned back their initial investment (we had them buy their own supplies). 
- Unfortunately, enthusiasm fizzled drastically on day 2, and if not for our own generous hotdog and soda consumption, they wouldn't have made a dime. Still, it was a good lesson and experience for them.
poster by Cooper

- My Mum did the sale with me while Russ worked on Friday and came back Saturday as well. She was a yard-sale working MACHINE! I loved her company and we had tons of fun together. 
- Including laughing until we died over our inability to add up a MASSIVE pile of shop items all priced within the .5 - .50 cent range that an older gentleman was trying to buy. Seriously, after attempt #6 I just said, "how does $7.00 sound, sir?" because we were so flustered and embarrassed by that time that we couldn't think straight.

Cooper fell in love with this Michael Jordan poster that my Mum brought over to sell and spent ages trying to copy it. He wasn't happy with his results and completely erased his attempt at the close up of Jordan's face (apparently his version was "too cartoony"), but I just thought he was so cute sitting there drawing so seriously, I let him keep the poster for his wall.
The background he added in for effect :)

Besides making almost $800.00, one of the best parts about the whole weekend was not having to cook. Chinese Friday night, pizza Saturday night, it's no wonder we made it till last night before realizing that we were officially out of bread, butter, eggs, oatmeal, cereal, cheese, and tortillas. 

And toilet paper. 

Off to the grocery store for me!

But first... I just realized that today is the one year anniversary of starting my blog! Yay me! 

I had no idea I would enjoy it so much. Or write so dang much. 257 posts? Yikes!

Thanks for reading and commenting my lovely friends :)


  1. Happy 'Blog' Anniversary! Love reading it and so glad you started it!

  2. Happy, Happy Blogversary!! That means 257 times this last year (if not more, and it's probably more) that you've made me smile, laugh, giggle, snort, make everyone around me read, highly anticipate getting onto my computer EVERY.MORNING just to read your posts.

    Cute recap too, just sad we didn't get to stop by and buy "wunch" from my adorable niece & nephews.

    P.S. The Michael Jordan poster is from Dave!

  3. Aww yay! I need a fresh pedicure so bad! Brian and I had one in June which cost me $105 for both but they were hour and fifteen minute appointsments and included a exfoliating scrub and mask with hot towels and I have to admit it was nice to be able to understand what the girls were talking about (i'm horrible I know) I've only posted a few posts on my blogs but i'm getting up there! you should follow my Cupcakes, Kisses & Kerisa one because it's all about desserts!!!! ;)

  4. Wow year of blogs already ! Congratulations. I'm with Kelly..have loved and anticipated reading them every day..that's pretty much a book right there.the funniest ones should definitely be published :D

  5. Thank you guys! And Kerisa I'll head over to check out your blog right now :) (You know I'm ALL about the dessert ;)