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Playing hard


We've had 80+ degree weather folks! Its an Oregon summer 2011 miracle. 

While it sure would have been nice to be swimming in the pool at Sunriver this past weekend, a little hitch in the works caused our vacation with friends to be rescheduled, and all of a sudden our weekend opened up.

Something doesn't look quite right, does it?
That would be the broken arm of Dylan, T.J. and Jana's son. The arm that he broke AS WE WERE PACKING TO LEAVE Thursday afternoon.

What are the odds?!! Poor guy!

It was an emotional day, not to mention chaotic, what with trying to help any way we could and also figure out what to do ourselves and whether we could get a refund or find another date to go. (Which we did, yay! The vacation plan lives on!)

But in the meantime, now what to do? 

Yard sale from 9-4 pm straight on Friday (I fear we have a real sickness) with the whole fam plus Emily, Dylan's little sister, stopping for coffee, quesadillas,  and a surprise visit to play with some puppies. 

Have dinner with Russ's parents and sister, enjoying a lovely outdoor steak dinner on the back deck. 

A little late night movie watching cuddled on the couch (saw Unknown. Liked it. Lots.)

Saturday morning... raspberry picking with Blake. A fun sidekick but not what you'd call "helpful".
the collages are back!

Then a lovely wedding in Corvallis that I was so glad not to miss after all.

Gorgeous church in Corvallis, Oregon
Hello, Mr. McHandsome!

So fun celebrating our friends Travis and Denae's big day with them, plus catching up with old friends.

After church on Sunday we had a BBQ lunch at my parents for my Dad's birthday, and then went and visited the little convalescent.


While on the way to Walmart with Mum at 8:15 pm to pick up dad's birthday gift from us all, Russ called to see if we wanted to abort our mission and all go see Captain America with my cousin Linley and her new hubby Mike at 9:30 pm instead.

You betcha! Mum and I LOVE spontaneous fun!

Within 1/2 an hour we had returned home, called my Dad and had him come meet us, got a babysitter for Blake (who needed to go to bed) and Kendall (who didn't want to see the movie), and were on our way!

It's hard to say what Cooper loved more... getting to go out to a movie wtih us on his own, or the actual movie, which he dubbed "the best movie I've ever seen!".

I don't know if I'd go that far, but I enjoyed it... especially the ending, and the sneak peek after the credits were over, which I may or may not have actually clapped at (I got caught up in the remaining crowd's enthusiasm, ok?)

And that's how we played hard at home instead of at Sunriver and still had a GREAT weekend :)

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  1. Spendiferous!! so fun for me to be included on the "doing" side of your fun..thanks a whole heap :D