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Part 2 - the shopping tale continued...


After yesterday's shopping story Part 1, in which I drove 30 miles to shop for over an hour before discovering I was penniless because my 3-year-old STOLE my wallet (that's the new story I'm going with by the way), I left you questioning what I was doing in West Linn.

Actually, probably nobody wondered that, but I'm still going to tell you.

I'd been invited to an after-hours shopping party at an acquaintance's upscale consignment shop, and while I hadn't planned on making it, I realized halfway into town that it was that evening and that I was child-free and already heading into town and thought, what the heck.

So you can imagine my embarrassment when I discovered that I had no money, not in a grocery store, but a shopping boutique full of lovely ladies. I went out to my car on the slim chance that my wallet had fallen out of my purse on the ride up, even though I knew instantly what must have happened, and then made the mistake of calling home to have Russ check to make sure the wallet was there. 

(A mistake because Russ assumed that since I'd gone grocery shopping, I would actually BE grocery shopping, and when he discovered after a very roundabout explanation that I'd been at a clothes store in West Linn for the past hour instead, things got kind of awkward.)

Have I reached the point of "overshare" yet?

Fully intending on walking back in the store and telling the owner I'd have to leave my purchases, who should arrive but my beloved Nanna and Grandpa Duke! Duke was dropping Nanna off at the party because she'd been invited too, and when they heard my sad (and to me, mortifying) tale, they immediately offered to make my purchases for me and insisted on giving me enough money to continue my grocery shopping trip as well.

Hallelujah for wonderful grandparents! I'm not ashamed to say I took them up on their kind offer, promising to return their loan the next day. Mostly because one of the main things I needed to buy was a gift for my cousin's lingerie shower the following evening and I really didn't want to drive back up into town again just for that. 

By this time it was almost 9 pm though, so I high-tailed it up to Clackamas and stopped at Kohl's to search for the shower gift. Sadly, they were totally lacking in anything either cute or within my price range, but I still managed to waste half an hour searching through the clearance racks for a matching set in my cousin's size - something that was not to be found. 

Next I went over to Target, only to discover they had no lingerie at all, plus they were closing in 15 minutes so no grocery shopping was going to get done there, and after racing up the road to Ross, I discovered they'd just closed 15 minutes ago. Noooo! If only I'd gone there first!

And that's how I ended up walking into the Walmart on 82nd Ave at 9:45 pm, with a suspicious looking group of young men dressed in gangster attire sitting out front, and me praying under my breath for my safety. All hopes for lingerie were gone of course, even if they had something cute there I could never have brought myself to buy a family member (or anyone else for that matter) bridal lingerie from WALMART. I have some standards. 

So I bought the few household items I needed on my list and came home in defeat, knowing I'd have to make my return trip the next day with 2 young boys in tow. And I can tell you that if you don't feel awkward at the discovery that you have no wallet when out shopping, you will certainly feel so at having to pick lingerie in the company of your 8-year-old son!

However, all was not a loss. If I hadn't gone to the shopping party Wednesday night, I wouldn't have got to catch up with old friends and check out a really cute boutique. 

Or buy this a-DOR-able top:
And if I hadn't gone back up into town yesterday to buy this robe for Linley:
(it also came with a cute little number for underneath - not quite appropriate to share here...)
I wouldn't have discovered that Old Navy was having a buy 2 get 1 free sale, and picked up these!

So you see, all's well that ends well :)

Have a happy 4th of July weekend!


  1. So....I saw you again. I feel like a stalker but ROSS is one of my favorite stores. Have you been to the one down past Foster? It is alot nicer and they have alot more stuff!!

  2. No you did not!! Kami that is hilarious! I wish you would have waved... or perhaps I looked a little grumpy with my two boys - who both had to go to the bathroom in the store and of course not at the same time? I was not in the best mood ;)

    I have not been to the Ross past Foster, or at least I don't remember it... I'm pretty bad about getting in a rut of going to the same area to shop all the time. I need to branch out!

    Did you ever start doing WIWW's yourself? I haven't found your blog but would love to visit!

  3. you make me smile every time...lhk, t

  4. Jodi..I love how you come up smelling like roses every time ..and way cute tops to boot!..sure do love you.

  5. I haven't started it yet. I may take some photos this weekend...I did smile at you as I walked by but yeah you seemed preoccupied!!

  6. Oh dear... sorry 'bout that!

    Thanks Mum and Teri, love you guys :)

  7. Looks like your story has a happy ending - those tanks are super cute, and I love the little top you got for yourself:) Hope you're having a wonderful 4th!