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Kendall stories


So close to 10 years old she can almost taste it!

Recently Kendall told me about the book of Revelation in the bible and suggested that I take a look at it.

"I think you'd like it, Mom."

Bless her heart, she thought I'd never read it. When I told her that I'd read the entire bible several times through, ever since I was a teenager, the look of astonishment on her face made me laugh out loud.

Retelling this story to friends yesterday reminded me of a couple of my favorite "Kendall stories" from when she was preschool age...

Kendall was about 3 years old and having a bath when she discovered a small clump of hair on the side of the tub that I'd removed from the drain after my shower and then forgot to throw away. I heard hysterical crying and ran into the bathroom to find Kendall frantically trying to reattach the hair to her own head... thinking all her hair had fallen out.

It took my quite a while to stop laughing enough to calm her down!

Sometime around the same age, I found Kendall in her bedroom looking out the window. I looked out with her and commented that there were no birds outside today.
"They must have flown south for the winter", I said. 
"No", she replied, "they went to Walmart."

When Kendall was 4 years old and painting on her little craft table in the kitchen she came into the living room and said, "Mom, I have a little problem in here..." so I came to see how I could help.

Turns out the "little problem" was that she'd PAINTED giant colored circles on my KITCHEN WALL. 

Oh Kendall... 
Cinderella Kendall age 3
Good thing she was such a doll, even back then!

I can't believe I'm going to have a 10 year old. That's a decade of life with Kendall... the sweetest blessing God could have ever given me :)  


  1. The hair story is still awesome and will go down in history...the current 10 year old ..a backpacking adventure Monday/Tues? yes

  2. Great stories! I think every Mom has some really GREAT stories about our kids. They grow up so fast, I am going to have a 14 year old Freshman in High School this year! Talk about scary! :)

    I remember when Beka was little, she told me that she had another Mom and Dad. I said, really....what are their names? She said Kool aid and Lemon aide! It was so funny; I don't think I will ever forget it! :)

    Take care!

  3. Love these! So glad you wrote them down, you say you will never forget the things they say but before you know it...I also love the photos below!

  4. Mum that's a yes on the hike, and Jodi your story cracked me up!

    Yes, write them down because I had hundreds of Kendall stories once upon a time... where did they all go?

  5. That's my cutie Kendall looking so grown up.
    We are so looking forward to giving her the present grampa and I got her. Enjoy your hike...sounds like fun.

  6. Sweet stories and a fantastic idea for a blog post since my oldest will be 10 next week! Ahhhh....a decade as a mom just makes me realize how long we've been trying not to screw them up. Thanks for fave is all the birds at Wal-mart! Crackin' me up! LOL