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I'll be back...


It's wedding week! 

My cousin Linley's wedding. 

The one that 4 out of 5 members of my household are in. 

(Yes we're quite busy.)

The big day is tomorrow and the past couple of days have been filled with so much fun and craziness that I can't wait to write all about it... I just don't have the time right now!

So I'll be back, and when I am you'll be highly entertained with the tales I have to tell.

Tales of dresses ripped down the backside, showing purple panties to the world, with the wearer none the wiser.
Tales of spray-on tan catastrophes.
Tales of elegant bridal teas and delicious treats.
Tales of garage sale find AWESOMENESS.

And plenty of pictures to go along. 

In the meantime, have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Have a great weekend! Can't wait to hear about it! :)


  2. ha ha ha! this is the best post!