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Goodwill soulmates, questionable drivers


Yesterday, my sister-in-law Cara and I traveled an hour and a half south to Corvallis with a car full of kiddos to watch our nephew play baseball. (His team lost their first state game and it was kinda sad, but it's double elimination and they played again this morning and 10-runned the other team so the Vikings are still in the tournament!)

GORGEOUS day for baseball in Corvallis!

ANYWAY. After the game Cara and I decided to hit a few thrift stores in town, which turned out to be super trendy consignment stores. As in, $15.00 and up per item. Not bad prices for the the types of stores they were and the brands they had, but not the kind of thrifting we were looking for. So we headed back to Albany to find the giant Goodwill we passed on the way down and after about 5 wrong turns it showed up! We were quite proud. 

Time we entered the store: 6:30 pm.
Time store closed: 9:00 pm. 
Time we exited the store: 9:07 pm.

Don't ever go to the Goodwill with Cara and I. You'll never get out of there. 

If I'm not on a time schedule, my motto is "We leave when the kids are done" and sometimes they'll last for an hour. But with cousins together, a well-stocked toy isle, and a great book section, the kids were just fine and dandy, so Cara and I got to shop the whole store, and then try on about 30 or so items each. 

Totally not what we normally get to do and totally fun!
Some cute new things! Also purchased: shorts for my kids, sandals for Kendall, and Pictionary - the best board game of all time.
Oh and this dress/swimsuit cover, which I wore today. (Trying a new hairstyle - don't laugh)
Total spent: $41.00. WELL worth it.

By the time we were done we were famished and ready to find Dairy Queen for a late dinner and dessert treat for the kids. After stopping at a Dutch Brothers coffee stand for directions, we only circled town 3 times, drove into one dead-end park, two dead-end streets, and took one accidental turn into a wrong-way lane before finding it! Again, we did ourselves proud!

Don't ever go driving in a strange town with Cara and I. You'll want to strangle us WELL before you reach your desired destination. Which you may or may not ever reach.

To complete our evening of misadventure, we missed our exit off the freeway to get back home because we were chatting instead of paying attention, and had to drive 9 miles further to take the next one. 

All the better for making our fun outing together last a bit longer, we say!

Dear Cara, 
Thank you for being my Goodwill soulmate.
I had a SPLENDID time.
Love, Jodi


  1. I could shop for days in Goodwill but unfortunately my children do not usually cooperate. I love your hairstyle by the way!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day and very eventful! :)

    You found some great buys and I love the black dress and your hair is super cute like that!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Albany is just confusing....I get lost there at times and I live about 10 min. from it! So don't feel bad for getting lost! :-D

  4. I soooo enjoyed our catch-up...I want a do over.

  5. Way to have fun ! nice shopping adventure to boot.