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A collage collection


Guess who discovered Picasa's collage maker and is having way too much fun with it?

This works out well since I've been feeling like it's almost pointless now to recap some of the fun goings on we had earlier this month... the ones I promised two weeks in a row to talk about and then never did, because, WEDDING MANIA! And then GARAGE SALE MADNESS!

But now I have an awesome excuse: collages need lots of photos... and I just so happen to have them! 
(Plus, there's always my dear Grandma in New Zealand to think of. She loves the pictures :)

So here we go. And remember you can click on each image to bring it up bigger in a new screen.

4th of July weekend

Freezer jam making with Kendall and her friend Katie.(This went amazingly well, despite the fact that Blake tried to "help" by reaching up to stir the bowl of crushed berries while I was wiping some splatters off the floor and ended up dumping half the bowl's contents on my head and shoulders.)
Church service holiday extravaganza with line dancing!
Yard work with Daddy's little helper.

Rodeo Fun

Hometown rodeo with Dave and Kelly, my parents, and my Aunt and Uncle who were visiting from New Zealand.
This was their first rodeo and we wanted them to enjoy it. 
So we made sure that giant elephant ears were provided. 
And that we stayed for the fireworks.
I don't know about them, but we sure had a great time!

Independence Day

Hometown giant street parade.
Family BBQ.
Splashin' in the pool.
We love the 4th of July.

Mary Poppins broadway show (aka the purple panty story)

Girls night out! Jana, Kelly and I had a lovely evening at Portland's broadway, and we started the night out right with a stop at California Pizza Kitchen for dinner.
Thai Crunch Salad and fresh fruit smoothies? YUM.

When we approached the theater I saw a lady in a black sheath dress standing looking at the huge Mary Poppins sign out front. She was standing still and didn't appear to be with anyone, but what made me notice her was that her dress was torn down the back center seam from her tailbone to an inch or so above the bottom hem, and that the gaping hole revealed purple satin panties underneath.

I immediately pointed this out to Jana and Kelly in a hushed whisper and we quickly consulted as to whether we should say anything or not. I was for it, they were against it - being afraid of embarrassing her too much and citing the rule "if they can't fix it, don't tell them". (We later decided this rule applies to things like a tear in your stocking or a hole under your arm - NOT your rear end.)

Because she was standing so still I wondered if perhaps she knew already, and had sent a friend for a jacket or something to wrap around her waist. But just then a couple approached her and asked if she would take their picture and she was quick to oblige, walking confidently to the spot they wanted and then CROUCHING DOWN to get the sign above their heads in the shot.

I couldn't stand it any longer.

"I would DIE, you guys! I have to tell her." And I marched over and did so (in a very discreet manner though, after she'd handed the camera back its owners). Of course she was mortified. Who wouldn't be? But she also threw her arms around my neck in a giant hug and thanked me about 20 times, and then begged me to walk closely behind her the half block back to her parked car so she could immediately drive home.  I was happy to oblige.

And that's how I became best friends with the purple panty lady.

(Mary Poppins was delightful, by the way.)

Linley's Bridal Tea (aka the day I was an African princess)

Let the record show that my Nanna throws the fanciest bridal showers you'll ever attend. Amen. 

Reception shots from the wedding

Gotta give a shout-out to my friend Staci for helping me with a few pics after the wedding. I hadn't had my camera all day so was in a picture taking frenzy during the reception and she was kind enough to help out. 
Love the family shot Stace!
I can't wait to see the professional shots from before the wedding.
There were polka-dot rain boots and umbrellas involved.

Well that was fun!
(The collage making that is. I can't speak for your viewing experience.)


  1. I love all your collages; I use picasa too.

    You were a good person for saying something to that poor woman. I always think that I would want to be told if I had something in my teeth, on my face or heaven forbid a big hole in my dress! :)I say you did the right thing and it sounds like she was very greatful!


  2. Love the collages. You are looking pretty gorgeous in those wedding photos! (Your family looks pretty good, too! :)

  3. Gotta love collages..great pics, and way to save a life Jod..she'll be forever grateful I'm sure.