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10 Things (random edition)


1. A recent mini-project: fixing and painting this picnic table that Russ picked up last summer for $20.00. It has been invaluable to us since we got it, but not the prettiest thing. Or sturdiest.
Before (well, during)
We used this oil based paint/stain because it was leftover from a play structure Russ painted, and therefore free. Now Russ is going to drill a hole down the middle big enough to put a huge crank-open umbrella in it - so excited!

2. While I was finishing painting the table yesterday morning, Blake went on a mini run of terror. Within 1/2 an hour he had:

- scribbled all over our front door with a builders pencil.
- plugged our bathroom sink to play with toys in the water and then left the sink running and left the room, flooding the entire floor and underneath my counter, where apparently the sink run off hole empties into.
- left a nice skid mark in his underwear, decided to change himself into his swim trunks, in my bedroom, on the floor, and transferred said skid onto my carpet.
- Ewww.
- I was not pleased.

3. Tortilla Land raw tortillas - have you tried them yet? SOOO easy. After the 4th one Kendall was making them on her own. 30 seconds each side on a hot fry pan, no oil, no butter, nothin'. Super hot, super YUM.

4. My current guilty pleasure.

Hot mocha with a little creamer. I bough the creamer as a special treat for Sunriver, but when that trip didn't happen I couldn't let this lovely stuff sit all lonely in the fridge!

5. We spent the afternoon at the pool yesterday afternoon with Tricia and Cara and most of their kids. Thank you Safeway for free swim coupons on the back of our receipts! When we came back home my kids bee-lined it for... our pool. Oh, to be young and never ever swimmed-out.  

6. Last night Russ and I had nursery duty at church. 4 one and a half to almost two year olds. 3 boys, 1 girl. The three boys played and fought over every car/lego/toy hammer/ball you could find and the little girl found 4 dollies and held them tight all evening - while standing at the play kitchen.

Gender predisposition anyone? So funny.

7. Today we're off to my nephew's State playoff baseball game in Corvallis. Go Derek! (This will be the first game we've attended this year, so the hour and a half drive is worth it to make the last-minute attempt to look like semi-supportive family members ;)

8. Last night Mum and I went on a spontaneous late-night grocery shopping trip to the Walmart Supercenter in Woodburn. I shopped there for years before switching over to Winco & Target in Clackamas because it was closer to Costco, but last night was like returning home.

I forgot how HUGE there selection of EVERYTHING was. I Picked up so many things I haven't found anywhere else and several things I hadn't seen before... yet came under budget. Always a successful way to end an evening. (That and the mini Ben & Jerry's ice cream cups we enjoyed on the way home :)

9. And now I can't think of two more things to make it to 10.

10. So I'll call this good :)


  1. Britt at work here, wanted to hear more Blakey stories so we checked in...LOLOLO onthe Skid story.
    Back to work for me. Seeing the swim fuun, told Britt I should have made bringng grandkids to visit us once a week a part of all our kids wedding vows.....okay,so it been almost a week since you were at our house last...

  2. Fabulous work on that picnic table, looks great! As much as we grill out around here one would think we would purchase a picnic table but nope, still not one at my house. Love your list :)

  3. I love your random posts, they are GREAT! Your picnic table looks awesome! I would love a picnic table to eat outside as long as the bugs didn't get me!

    take care!

  4. WOW..picnic table came out awesome! nice repair Russ, Fabuloso. Sorry about the hazzardous events with B. Loved the shopathon :D

  5. Derek loved having you all there! you and Cara are fabulous aunties:) thanks for letting me still your thrift store find!