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What I Wore Wednesday


Hi, Jodi here again, with another week's worth of outfit pictures that may not be that exciting, but are 100% better than the old tank tops and sweat capris I'd FOR SURE be wearing every day if I wasn't taking pictures.

Reason enough to keep going for me.  

(evening church service)
top: Forever 21
jeans: Gap (Goodwill)
sandals: Target

gray cami: Diviine Modestee
cardy & sandals: Target
skirt: Maurice's
flower pin: Sariejune

(sometimes the old tank/sweat capri combo still wins out and I embrace it, 
but just don't take a picture of it :)

(cousin's bridal shower)
dress: Target
tee: Shade
leggings, boots (it was a cold, rainy day!) & bracelet: Walmart
belt: rummage sale
necklace: Bass outlet

green top: Target (friend pass-on)
cardy: Kohl's
skirt: Goodwill
wedges: Thrifted
necklace: Romy
bracelet: Premier Designs

(dinner at friends)
tee: Shade
cardy: Ann Taylor LOFT (friend pass-on)
capri's: Plato's Closet
sandals: Payless
necklace: Bass outlet

(coffee date with girlfriends)
tank: Old Navy
capri's: Calvin Klein (Costco)
sandals: Payless
bracelet: Premier Designs

Yesterday our summer finally decided to arrive and now that it's truly warm I'm realizing that almost all of my outfits are going to be exact duplicates of last summer unless I do a little shopping. 

Luckily this is a problem that I am more than willing to take on! 

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  1. You always look so put together and stylish!! Love it!! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Love the outfits! That yellow forever 21 top is my favorite.

    Thank heavens for these outfit posts or I would be in my hubby's b-ball shorts and a baggy shirt all summer. That combo seems to be the best with little boys who play in dirt and want me to play with them lol =)

  3. Love the looks! The poppy pin and those shoes look fab together. You certainly put things together in a way that pops!

  4. I love the orange flower with the gray striped sweater!

  5. You flower pin is so cute. Love!

  6. Cute as always, love Thurs and Sun.!

  7. Love the pops of orange in your second outfit and the green t with gray cardigan is very cute!

  8. So cute again! May I borrow all of your cute cardigans?? :) Oh and the black wedges, too?

  9. You have such a cute style! I love how much fun you seem to have with your clothes. I need to get a little more creative with mine.

    I also love the big pictures you post. How'd you DO that? I use the blogger "large" size when I upload but mine don't come out as large sized as yours. Makes it hard to see the clothes! Any tips? Thanks!

  10. Thanks for the comments ladies!
    To answer the above question, this is what I do with my pictures: because I'm taking pictures in a skinny mirror I crop my pics to 3.5 x 6 instead of 4 x 6, and then when I upload them to blogger I choose the largest size - extra large. I use blogger in draft so if large is the biggest option you have you may be in the old blogger. And that's it!

    That's all the advice I can give so I hope that helps, I am faaaar from an expert on blogging so there are probably more sophisticated ways to make pics certain sizes, I just don't know about them :)

  11. I love the outfit with the orange touches's so classic! But I also love the casual dinner with friends outfit! As always, your style is one of my favs to see each week!

  12. Every week you do such a great job! Good luck remedying your summer wardrobe issue - not such a bad problem to have, I suppose.;)

  13. Wow, you have a great sense of style! I love how you look so casual and effortless and yet look so put together for fancier occasions!
    You have a wonderful collection of shoes! :)

  14. Thanks for your help. At some point it dawned on me that I have a blog that has three columns, and I can't have a collage as wide as I want.

    I did figure out that I can play with the html on my pictures, though. If, and when, you get a chance could you look at the html code for one of today's pictures?

    I would love to know the pixel numbers for your height and width. You can find it in the html code and if you are willing to help me out with that I'd really appreciate it. Thank you SO much!

  15. When I said "today's pictures" I meant the code of one of the pictures you posted today.

    I can change the width and height of my picture, so was curious what width and height yours was in the html. Thanks!

  16. The height is 640 and the width is 372. Hope you get it figured out!

  17. Love all your outfits, you look so pulled together!

  18. Great week of outfits, as usual. :) You do a nice job of varying your outfits--skirts, shorts, pants, etc. I get in such a rut of the SAME look.

    Love the yellow ruffle top and the pop of orange flower pin with the striped cardi.

  19. Your adorable! I really love the grey cardi and the cream one too!
    Are you still working out, your looking skinny!


  20. Wednesday, Monday and Tuesday are my favs...oh and Sunday too.. a way cute pose. Gotta love that cardy in Mondays, and the whole Summer feel in Tuesdays...bring on the Summer weather I say!!