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What I Wore Wednesday


Well I'm back again, in lots of dresses and skirts. I don't know why I love wearing them so much lately, but they are definitely my item of choice in nice weather. 

And Yes, nice weather arrived! 

Sadly it did not stay, but it has given us hope of summer after all! 

(morning Mom's group hike and then grocery shopping)
This entire outfit is years old. YEARS. 
Penny's tee, Old Navy jeans and hoodie, Nike tennies.

 (nephew and niece's 8th grade graduation)
dress and sandals: Target

earrings: Target
necklace: Bass outlet
silver bracelet: Premier Designs
orange bracelet: Goodwill

(BBQ with friends)
tank: Old Navy
skirt: thrifted
flip flops: Fred Meyers
necklace: Plato's Closet

dress: Dress Barn
sandals: thrifted
bracelet: Premier Designs
necklace: Forever 21
LOVE the ruffle neckline on this dress!

(prayer group, errands)
tee: Shade
skirt: Goodwill (Gap)
leggings: Walmart
flats: Goodwill (with Target tags still on)
necklace: Van Huesen outlet

(AAAND the cold weather's back. Meeting and errands)
tee: Shade - same as yesterday
(It was still out & smelled okay so I thought, "what the heck, one less thing to pick out")
cardy and jeans: Target
flats: Walmart
infinity scarf: Forever 21
earrings: gift

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  1. You always look so 'put together', cute, stylish & comfy. I love your Monday outfit! :)


  2. That yellow dress is so great! Love the color. We've had crazy weather here too. In the 60s a couple days ago, and then 102 yesterday! I never know how to dress anymore!

  3. Adorable outfits - you always inspire me. :) I especially love the yellow dress and the black t with the denim skirt and leggings.

  4. love the yellow dress, nice and light and summery.

    Love the necklace you wore with the yellow dress too, wish we had a forever 21 close by

    Thanks for sharing

  5. Nice Goodwill scores! I like how you accessorize... you pull everything together so well! :)

  6. You are stinking adorable. I tell you this all the time...I love your adventurous and new outfits!! Great job Friend. And BTW you look amazing (keep it up)

  7. You look great in skirts and dresses! Love the yellow ruffle dress, very cute!

  8. I love all your looks, I seriously could wear all of the outfits :) And your shoes are super cute, I love the variety of your flip flops!

  9. I love the yellow dress, such a cute look!

  10. Super cute, I always adore your outfits! That yellow dress is my fav!


  11. love love love that ruffled neckline on that yellow dress too. you are so cute!

  12. I LOVE your Target Cardy. It's adorable and I LOVE the yellow dress {I am obsessed with yellow right now}!!

  13. Thursday..cute & comfy vote. Tuesday...Wins over with super slender and flattering,WOW ! now, if only my cardy could do that for me !!.