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What I Wore Wednesday


I promised myself that I wouldn't complain about our terrible, awful, good-for-nothing, sad spring weather again this week, so I won't. 

Not a peep. 

Except to say that the forecast is promising 80 degrees and sunshine on Saturday and if it actually happens I think us Oregonians aren't going to know what to do with ourselves! It's going to be exciting!

I may even get to wear this dress that I bought over Mother's Day weekend and have been saving for an actual sunny day! 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

In the meantime, here's what I have been wearing...

tunic: Dress Barn clearance
skinny jeans & sandals: Target
bracelet: Goodwill

(game night with friends - gotta be comfy!)
tee: Penny's
sweats: Costco (Nike)
sandals: Costco (Adidas)

(fun day out with Russ and Blake)
tunic: BCBG outlet
undertee: Shade
jeans: Kohl's (Levi's)
sandals: Target
necklace: Plato's Closet

blouse: Old Navy
cardy: Target
skinny jeans: Kohl's (Lauren Conrad)
wedges: Famous Footwear
belt: yard sale

top: Kohl's
jeans: Old Navy
sandals: Target

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  1. love the yellow tunic! Very cute outfits & cute blog!!

  2. Your last outfit is my favorite because I LOVE stripes but your game night outfit does look soooo comfy! Great looks, as always!

  3. Love the striped top and the yellow tunic!

  4. Every outfit is as cute as always.:)

    We've been complaining for forever out here about the terribly cold and dreary weather. We finally got a hot day on Memorial Day, and then all anyone talked about was how miserably humid and hot it was! Ha.:) I'm just glad the forecast is looking up!!

  5. Can't wait to see the new dress on you- super cute & yellow is such a good color on you!

    I'll trade weather with you too- we hit 107, 109 and 110 last week! Miserable!

  6. You look so great in yellow! And wow, your little one has a killer smile!

  7. Everything is cute (as usual!!). Love the Kohls striped top!

  8. I like Sundays outfit a lot! great colors and shoes!

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  10. Everything is adorable! Love those orange sandals! :)

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  12. You sport yello beautifully!! That tunic is AMAZING!! Love it!

    Here's what I wore ;)

  13. Well, Saturday gets my vote..cutest outfit, cutest pose, cutest child, yep..that about sums it's a win win.

  14. Let's start with how much I adore you. I think you surprise me every time. Orange sandals with a striped shirt...oh can totally pull that off.
    That yeloow tunic rocks the house and I love that you put a shirt under it...great idea! And the necklace you chose works perfectly! And your little guy...well he's too stinkin cute!

    Great outfits this week!

  15. OH MY WORD I am SO with you on the weather! Even down here in the Cali valley we are BARELY scrapping the surface of mid 70s and STILL getting the rain! We won't see 80 til late next week! Anywho, LOVE that new yellow dress! Great way to welcome 80* weather :)

  16. I hope you get your 80 degree weather soon! That yellow dress will be perfect. Love your little boy in the pic too! :-)

  17. can't wait to see that yellow dress in action! love, love the Kohls top in your last photo... you always look great!

    By the way... you would notice my non- polished toes! that pic was right before I left to get my gel toes ;-) ... too funny! LOL

  18. yellow looks great on you!

    Love the shoes on Sunday, suoer cute!

    Cute top on tuesday too

  19. I really like the outfits with the yellow tops. Your pint-sized accessory is adorable :). I love a girl who can rock bright colored shoes! Hugs, Kim