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Stuff we done did Memorial Weekend


(Anyone been watching Swamp People lately? Sorry, but the way the people on that show talk really rubs off on you after a while! I have not been watching by choice, mind you, I just have nowhere else to go when the rest of my family watches back to back episodes on netflix ALL AFTERNOON LONG.)

Anyway, on to the recap. I don't want to drag this out into a long post, and honestly, there is nothing that exciting to tell (or even a picture to document any of the events because I'm a total slacker), so I'll be brief:

- we hung out at Erik and Tricia's Friday night and played cards
- slept in Saturday
- said good-bye to Kendall and Cooper who went off for a day of fun with my Mom and a friend
- went back to bed
- went garage-saleing
- visited our friends Tom and Nicole in their brand new home
- took naps
- went to my parents for the evening and taught Kendall and Cooper how to play Pictionary
- ate pizza
- ate popcorn
- watched the A-Team, again (and still loved it!)
- were exposed to Swamp People on my parents cable
- and just like that Russell was addicted. Seriously addicted.

- On Sunday we went to church
- had Filipino cuisine at a benefit lunch afterwards
- loved it and ate too much
- took more naps
- went to our nephew Elijah's first birthday party
- ate Subway for dinner
- rented 4 movies
- picked up Big Burger shakes (local burger joint - best shakes in town)
- had ourselves a movie marathon!

- On Monday we slept in again
- lazed around some more
- and then decided to clean up a bit
- which led to me tackling our bedroom
- which led to me spending 5 hours going through old stuff in my hope chest and reminiscing about the old days (I get derailed easily).

So to recap the recap: we had a pretty low-key, laid back weekend. And we ate way too much.

And that was our super-awesome-exciting weekend! Okay, minus the exciting, it was still actually super-awesome because it was so relaxing just to hang out with Russ and not have any agenda. For those of you who know Russell, you know how much of a Go-Go-Go person he is. So for him to just relax and not be working on any projects is quite out of the norm, and was really good for him. He got all caught up on sleep and I got all caught up on time with him - it was a win-win :) 


  1. That sounds like my kind of 3 day weekend. And I ate too much as well at the Bruce Turner lunch. Yummy!

  2. I haven't seen swamp people yet, but everyone is talking about it. I may have to check it out! Or not:)

  3. you guys did some fun stuff! we had a great weekend too, i love all the eating that occurs over holiday. best thing ever. ;)

  4. I love Swamp fact I introduced it to your Dad..Did not know it was on netflix though, but I would watch that with Russ any day.( way more exciting than big bucks..but only in my humble opinion ha ha )