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Over the weekend...


- Our oldest niece and nephew both graduated from the 8th grade. I was at the hospital when both of them were born. (Statements like that do nothing except make me feel old. Drats.)

Cousins Miranda and Ben
Funny story though: When Mandy was being born, Russ came and picked me up at some ungodly hour like 5 am and then raced to the hospital to be there in the waiting room for the birth of his brother's first child. So of course we were pulled over for speeding, and as soon as the cop walked up to the driver's window Russ started to explain he was in a hurry because his sister-in-law was in labor. The cop immediately leaned past Russ to ask if I was okay and offer his help. Um, no officer. I'm the 17 year old girlfriend that's still in high school. Thank you, though.

Russ got off with a warning.

- Back to the now-heading-to-high-schoolers though, we are so proud of them. Pretty much the greatest two 14 year olds out there.

- At their joint party afterwards, I ate this and discovered my new favorite pizza ever! The Thai Pie from Old Chicago. Yummmm.

- On Saturday the sun came out and we played, and played, and played all day. 

And by "played", I mean I weeded my flower gardens until I couldn't hardly stand up straight and Russ did some heavy labor moving and delivering play structures. But we were outside in the sunshine and that made us happy! 

- The kids were in their swimsuits by 10 am. As soon as it reached 80 degrees they were running through the freezing cold sprinkler, didn't phase them one bit.

- We spent the evening at my sister's with several other couples and their families, enjoying our first outdoor BBQ of the summer, and trying to stop my brother-in-law from burning down the neighborhood with his fire-pit (hehe, I love teasing my brother-in-law).

- And on Sunday, among other things like church, high school graduation parties, and visiting my friends Rob and Shay and their brand new gorgeous baby, I caught THIS guy meticulously cutting his own hair in front of the mirror with a pair of craft scissors!

Blake having a serious conversation on the TV remote "wif my Dad".
- I swooped down on that kid so fast he didn't even know what happened to him. Luckily it seems he had just started and no visible damage was done. LUCKILY.

But I'm pretty sure he won't be touching a pair of scissors any time soon. 


  1. Great picture of Ben and Mandy. I can still hear Blake calling me "uncle Tim" from our graduation party venture this weekend. I'm not sure he new my name before Sunday? hahaha ... been a long time since a took a little boy to the bathroom. I found myself coaching and cheering when he hit the target!

  2. great post... I laughed out loud when I saw the photo of Blake talking into the TV remote... too cute. And AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH on your behalf for the haircutting incident!!! Oh there would be much wailing and gnashing of teeth if this happens at my house!!!

    As for the firepit... yeah - NOT happening again this summer!!! We have a lovely crop circle burned into our prior-perfect lawn that looks like aliens visited during the night.

  3. Tim I didn't know you had to take him potty... ha ha ha, it is quite exciting isn't it? :) And again, I am SO SORRY you had him so long!!! I felt incredibly guilty about that. Well, at least for a couple of hours afterwards ;)
    Kelly - NOT the lawn! I hope Dave is not in the depths of depression over that one!

  4. Great pic of Ben and Mandy. Boy that pizza looks good..I want to try that now!

  5. Great post! Kelly, Dave can now leave the play structure out because the lawn is already ruined so now it won't matter! See it all worked out for the best:) Oh, my on the hair cut (or almost hair cut!)