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Monday confessional


I bought this at Target last week for no other reason than the label, which caught my eye. 

While born and raised in New Zealand, I had no idea we had a National scent!

How exciting!

And  glacier carved streams? Verdant vistas? Who could resist the sound of that? 

Not I.

(Although the waterfall emerging from the sky above the much smaller mountains is not a landmark I remember, and frankly looks a little dubious to me.)


  1. Wow ! who knew? ..but I too.may have to try this :D

  2. Haha... I just bought some air freshener simply because it was "New Zealand" scent - it's my plug-in and it goes back and forth between a New Zealand waterfall and a spring rain scent. Lovely and refreshing!!!

    I would have bought the dishwasher stuff too if I'd seen it to. We're nothing if not ridiculously patriotic!!!!

  3. Holy cow. Yes, I have a holy cow from New Zealand to sell you girls. But wait, there's more!

  4. ha ha :) And yes Kelly, ridiculously patriotic is correct.