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Monday confessional - a puppy tale


Confession #1:
When I was 16 our family got a new puppy name Coey, a lovely fluffy ball of a mutt that we all fell in love with instantly. While she was still quite young, within her first 6 months I believe, one of her front legs broke when she was playing rough with my Dad. It was just a freak accident (one my dad felt horrible about), and according to the vet not that unusual, because her quickly growing bones were still fragile. So Coey hopped around with a cast on her front leg and it was during this time that I backed over her with my car in the driveway and broke her other front leg. 

I'm surprised the vet didn't call an animal protection agency on us. Perhaps it was because he was too busy trying to calm down the sobbing 16-year-old in his office who was suffering from the worst guilt of her young life.

(Coey healed up just fine though after her stint in double leg casts and lived a long and happy life, just so you know.)

Confession #2:
I knew I had a picture of Coey as a puppy so went looking through some old pictures. I remembered one of me cuddling with her on my dad's La-Z-Boy rocker and sure enough, I came across it.

What a cutie, right? Scanned and uploaded. Done.

Then I kept looking through my old album because, you know, that just happens when you see all those pictures you forgot about, and it's a good thing I did because that's how I came across this one...

Well hang on a second now, that's still me in my dad's rocker, but THAT'S Coey! Good grief, I didn't even realize I'd scanned a picture of the wrong dog!

(That first puppy was a friends, I think.)

And that pretty much sums up so much about me:
-Remembers what you were wearing a week ago, but forgets your name. 
-Remembers what you wanted for your birthday after you mentioned it that one time months ago, but forgets when your birthday is.
-Remembers lots of fond memories, but can get reeaal hazy on the details!


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  2. Jodi that picture of you and Coey..the real soooo cute!! .I have the picture of her in double casts. As for me..totally forgot it was you that backed over her!

  3. Coey was the cutest puppy ever... and to this day, the BEST dog we ever had!!! I still remember how sad it was seeing her with one, then two casts on!