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An important fish update, and other matters


- I'm sad to inform you that my fishy fears have been realized. Rhino and Buster, the goldfish, went to meet their maker last weekend, one day after the other. Yes, it was a grand tragedy in Cooper's world. Yes, there were many tears. Yes, I gave in to better judgement and promised him new fish ASAP.

But only because word on the street is that we have a local "fish lady" around these parts who raises goldfish that are apparently much hardier and healthier than what you will find at Walmart. And they're only .50 cents each. Sold.

(And by ASAP I mean in the next couple of weeks or so. Or longer if Cooper forgets all about it, which I'm crossing my fingers for.)  

- In animal-related news, the ants are still gone. Praise be to Jesus.

- On Tuesday, Blake managed to break our toilet seat and lid apart, and clean OFF of our toilet. Do things like this happen in other people's homes?

The upside of this is that instead of buying a new seat, I talked Russ into buying a new TOILET. Wooohooo! The old one was not only OLD (really old), but also the color peach, and stained around the rim like you wouldn't believe. In a word, disgusting.

(I would take a picture for proof but it's outside now and it's dark and, you know, what if there's a cougar? I'm staying put.)

But look, sitting in it's place is this shiny beauty!

With the highest non-clogging rating at Home Depot. When you have 5 people sharing one bathroom this is an extremely important factor. Forget water efficiency, give me something that can really flush! (And honestly, we live in the country and have a well so it's kind of a moot point.)

Today everyone will be learning how to properly clean and care for our new addition (twice daily Clorox wipe-downs isn't going overboard, right?) and Blake will be receiving extra lessons on toilet seat gentleness.  

- And that's the latest update on the goings on around here!

I know you are probably wondering how we stand all the excitement. It's tough, I'll admit it.


  1. Jodi it is a beautiful throne....Hmmm, I would like a few new things,...may I borrow Blakey?

    Seriously, love your stories.

  2. Oh a new loo what a wonderful is me..all your relatives will thank you. I cracked up at Teri's comments...awesome! I must keep that in mind for future reference :D

  3. So sad to hear about your fish Coop... Jodi I would like to know more about this "fish lady" in Mo-town!!

    And congratulations on the new toilet... yay for no more peach & rust!!

  4. I also would like info on the fish lady (poor lady, I'm sure she must have a proper name!) And "cougar" that's hilarious! Made me giggle:) And I'd go for high flushing efficiency over saving water any day!!

  5. I heard about the fish lady from our lovely friend Therese, who can hook you up with her location and info if you're interested :)