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Fish and other updates


- The identity of my mystery high school employer named "Molly" remains unknown. I was counting on either my mother or sister to remember this person from my past but they are both at a loss - in fact Kelly even accused me of making her up on my calendar to cover for some clandestine activity. 

Oh ho ho, wouldn't that have been clever! But seriously, that would have been waaaay too sophisticated for 15-year-old Jodi... I was all about the winking smiley face surrounded by hearts back then. 

- Wednesday afternoon I decided to step up my workout routine and try level 2 of the 30-Day Shred. The first half went well and I began to feel kind of impressed with myself. And then the second half came and I died.

Immediately after, I sent Russ the following email:

GOOD... GRAVY... just... finished... level.. 2... 30-day Shred... can't... breathe... help me... Jesus...


(but I knew you'd be proud.)

Sweaty & stinky,
Because even when suffering from workout death I try to impress my husband.

And guess what? I've lost 9 lbs now.

- After promising Cooper OVER A YEAR AGO that I would buy him a couple of goldfish, and putting it off over and over again for reasons that mostly had to do with not wanting to interrupt my grocery shopping to wait around in front of the fish counter for someone to help me, I finally bit the bullet and spent .56 cents on a pair of them at Walmart yesterday. So don't let anyone try to tell you that I don't keep my word... eventually!

I'm crossing my fingers they'll make it in their new fish bowl because I think Cooper was 100% emotionally attached within 2 seconds of meeting and naming them.

And after finishing our book "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" last night, which we've been reading aloud together, I fear we may be in for some drama if they don't survive. The ending was all about how the main character's tiny pet turtle got swallowed by his 3 year old brother (which was actually a really funny scene in the book and not sad at all), and the end result was that he got the puppy he'd always wished for, hurrah! But instead of liking it like Kendall and I did, Cooper declared it the saddest story he'd ever heard and about burst into tears over the death of the poor turtle. 

It was at that moment that I questioned the wisdom of my fish purchase. 

Please live little fishies!
My only hope is that they'll be as hardy as Kendall's fish, Rocky, who is going on 3 years old now. Surely that's not too much to ask, is it?


  1. Great job on the workout; I really need to step it up too! Too much ice cream for me!

    Good luck w/ the fish. My daughter came home w/ 2 gold fish from a carnival last year. They lasted about 3 weeks and turned black and died! Yuck! We did everything they said; changing the water, using the chemicals, etc.! We didn't have good luck with fish! :(
    Have a nice weekend! Jodi

  2. Proud of you for continuing the 30 day shred! I need to jump back on!

  3. awesome for losing 9lbs! go Jodi!!! as for the fish, is Rocky a betta fish by any chance? we've had a couple of those and they are sturdy!!!

  4. No Rocky is a goldfish too. Kendall started off with 3 of them; one died shortly after she got them, the 2nd died when we filled the water level of the fish bowl too high and it jumped/flipped out onto the floor (very traumatic experience for then-7-year-old Kendall), and Rocky's been a loner ever since. He's so big and long now though that I was afraid to put the new ones in with him so they're next to each other on the counter - at least he has something to watch now!

  5. Oh Cooper, bless his sweet little sensitive heart! I hope for your sake, and his,that the fish live long and thrive!

  6. Like Spok, from Star Trek would say, "Live long and prosper" little gold fish! Yes, I was afraid to venture to level two also and have decided that if level two is this hard I may never make it to level three! The line must be drawn somewhere!!:)

  7. Way to go on the shred Jod ! keep it up..and great pic of the new fish..I speak length of days into them!!..grow big and strong !!