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Blake stole my camera


And had himself a little photo shoot. Rascal.

Among the pictures he took, like this...

And this...
his new tennis shoes on top of his dresser
And of course the prerequisite self-portrait...
Hello blurry nostrils!
I found this little series he took of his toy cars, which it appears he moved several times to snap pictures of...

Looks like the trucks may have been fighting?
And this priceless shot...
Which seriously made me laugh. out. loud. 

Somebody's been watching his mama take outfit pictures every day!


  1. Too funny! LOVE the last picture!

  2. Am I seeing things... or is there flowers and ruffles on Russ's undies? To each his own?
    I think its time for Blake to have his own blog.

  3. This just might be my FAVORITE post EVER. How stinkin cute, and a great reminder that they are always watching us.

  4. lol, that is priceless! I like his car shots ;)

  5. I second the Blake blog thing... short and sweet with little Blake'isms in it... it would be popular for sure.

    The last photo is hilarious... yep, definitely watching you that child!!

  6. Wow - those underwear are precise. I'm impressed. I stopped folding Jeff's years ago. Blake needs his own WIWW.

  7. definitely ..What Blake wore Wednesday! (excellent pose "B" ) help, he is pretty handy with a camera ! ..the kid is phenomenal-what can I say! hope he gets some great shots of your coast trip ha ha ha

  8. dah, took me awhile to figure out the last shot...he is looking in the mirror, not you taking a shot of him taking a shot...NOW I get it, so cute! And Great manly pose.

  9. oh my gosh - I love it ALL! but I must say, that last one is my absolute - could it get any cuter - pic!!!