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Another awesome tip from Jodi and a shopping story - Part 1


If you haven't realized it already... I seem to dwell on the brink of scatterbrained near-disaster an awful lot lately.

Why this is, I do not know (or choose to think about).

Case in point: Yesterday I decided to go grocery shopping after dinner instead of my normal payday morning run that would have happened today. I hadn't made it 3 minutes down the road though when I realized my car was starting to overheat (we have a very slow leak going on in our radiator and haven't had it fixed yet). Instead of turning around and coming back home to refill the water in the radiator like a normal person would, I decided to continue on my way and swing in to my brother and sister-in-law's house another 8 miles up the road to take care of it there because they live conveniently right on the way to town, and more importantly, I hate having to turn around.

Now this is the point where most people would shake their head at me and wonder "what were you thinking?" But guess what - I made it there just fine and my brother-in-law Tim even refilled the radiator himself, leaving me to catch a quick visit with Cara. Love my fam.

No, the real problem came later in the evening. You see, had I turned around and gone back home, I probably would have noticed MY WALLET sitting on the dining room table when I walked inside for a container of water, instead of making the discovery that it was not in my purse when I went to check out after shopping for an hour all the way up in West Linn, 30 miles from home. GRRR!

So here's my tip: if you ask your three year old to bring you something out of your purse and he brings you your wallet instead, don't just tell him to go put it back and then assume he did. CHECK TO MAKE SURE.
Little turkey!
(Or you could just go get whatever you needed yourself. That might work too.)

And what was I doing in West Linn anyway, when all the stores I normally shop at are in Clackamas? Well you'll just have to come back tomorrow to hear the rest of the story, because trust me, my evening gets even better (or actually, worse, then better, then worse again).

I'm nothing if not a living, breathing, disaster-prone, shopping drama queen :)

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  1. Wow..I have no idea where you get your amazing ability to experience so many real life stories ;D