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About Father's Day


I had grand plans to blog about our Father's Day last night, until my cousin and her fiance showed up to watch Gulliver's Travel's with Kendall (because she has them wrapped around her little finger) and I was all, "Yay, visitors! I'm going to bake cookies!" and happily threw my blogging plans out the window.

Had I known that I would later be forced to watch an incredibly violent Kung Fu movie made famous for the fact that the director paid the stunt men extra to actually break their arms and/or legs for visual authenticity, a fact I found deeply disturbing, I'm not sure I would have abandoned my plans so willingly. 

Fact: I am not a fan of Kung Fu movies. Especially ones with English subtitles. Especially when they have next to no plot and are filled with people getting their limbs broken.

However, it was still fun to hang out with Mike and Linley, and the cookies were delicious.

This morning, any plans to blog were delayed by household chores, watching my nephews, and this, that and the other thing, and this afternoon I enjoyed a long and relaxing visit with a friend, until next thing I knew it was almost 5 pm and there was still no blog post.

So on to Father's Day! 

The kids woke up earlier than Russ and fixed him breakfast in bed. Kendall carried in the plate of food, Cooper carried the glass of milk, and Blake brought in the present, announcing "Happy Birfday!" over and over. (Presents = birthday parties according to Blake.)

After a great Father's Day service at church we had a family BBQ at my parents house, with Russ's parents invited as well. I loved it that they came, my dad and father-in-law are both so important to Russ and I and it was great to celebrate with them both. 

(And laugh at Gary who didn't quite put "Father's Day" and the BBQ together so thought it was really weird when Dad announced that there were ribs for everyone but the steaks were just for the men. "I would never get away with something like that at my place!" he told us he was thinking before he finally figured it out. Ha ha :)

Russ's Dad, Gary - without his glasses on...
because Teri thought he looked a little too "Stevie Wonder" with them on.
My dad, Wayne
who just got either licked or kissed on the eyeball by Russ.
*sappy moment* I would just like to state for the record that I love and respect my Dad, father-in-law, and husband so, so much. They are not only the best fathers I know, they are also the best men I know. I am beyond blessed to have all three of them in my life. *End sap*

We ended up hanging out all afternoon watching golf (the boys), assembling a jigsaw puzzle (the girls), and swimming (Kendall and Cooper), because you know, it was like 67 degrees, totally hot.

And that's how we spent Father's Day. A great day, Kung Fu movie aside ;)


  1. I'm quickly going to forget about the broken limbs movies but oh my... I lol so hard I almost broke something myself looking at Gary's glasses picture!!!! it was a wonderful time for us, you and your parents are so generous to invite us.

  2. Awesome pics Jod..the laughing dads are the best...Gary does look a little Stevie Wonder ..that is hilarious ..we love him and Teri and need to have them over more ofen. I gave your dad a pool thermometer..turns out the freezing pool water was a whole degree warmer than the almost warm heard it here..believe it...or not!.

  3. Okay... ewwwwww, gross, ICK to kung fu movie with broken limbs. What is wrong with some people?????!!!!!

    Great post though, and fun pics. I laughed all over again just seeing the "Stevie Wonder" photo.

  4. Oh your kids with the breakfast and gifts are soooo cute! Melt! :)

  5. What a perfect way to spend fathers day! And I loved your sappy moment there :)