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12 years


Sunday, June 12th marked Russ's and my twelfth wedding anniversary.

(Russ and my? Russ and I's? Me and Russ's? I have no idea.)

We had a family BBQ and two college graduation parties to attend that day though, so we went out to celebrate Saturday evening, and decided to make it extra-special by starting off with an hour long couples massage (Russ's idea), followed by pedicures (also Russ's idea, believe it or not).

I'll tell ya, nothing wins the way to my heart like a guy willing to indulge in a little pampering with me!

(Granted, there was no winning to be done because that happened over 12 years ago, but still, nowadays it's called "brownie points" - and they go a long way!)

Ready for our massages.
This turned out to be our favorite part of the evening, hands down. We were in a room together on side-by-side tables with our own massage therapist each. The lights were dim, there was soft music playing, and we were even given little chocolates. After an hour we emerged completely relaxed and stress-free, ready for the rest of our fun evening.

 After discovering a while back that guys got pedicures too, Russ decided he wanted to try it out. He enjoyed everything except the clear polish that was put on his toes, much against his will. He tried to say no, but the ladies working there didn't speak a lick of English and kept laughing at him and then holding out the bottle of polish again, so he finally resigned himself. (I was no help to him whatsoever, being too busy laughing myself.)

 I heart pedicures!
  Our puurty toes. 
Even though the lady that did my pedicure couldn't speak English, she very clearly and forcefully gave me the universal signal for NO when it came to wearing my wedges out of the shop, so Russ carried them for me :)

And then it was off to dinner!
Stonecliff Inn, famous for being the site of several scenes from the first Twilight movie. We just like it for the food and the beautiful view over the Clackamas river. 

To cap off our evening we went to the movie theaters to see Super 8. Totally enjoyed it. Not my normal type of film but it was funny and reminded me of The Goonies - and who doesn't love that classic?  
cuddling in the theater.
And that's how we celebrated 12 years! 

12 wonderful, amazing, crazy fun years.

Dear husband, 
I will never stop writing in my little journal
that I started all those years ago,
listing the many reasons why I love you.
You cause me to discover new ones all the time,
making life with you an adventure
I'll never get tired of. 


  1. loved it, love seeing the before and after pictures...not the feet, the wedding.

    And didn't know about Stonecliff and the movie.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Love that he got a pedicure with you...looked like a perfect evening! And you two were so cute on your wedding day. :)

  3. I was so relaxed with you reading about your massage I was ready to fall asleep on the table for you. Great pictures. No one can do Anniversaries like Russ ...nice toes!

  4. Happy Anniversary! How cute that you got pedicures! And you made an absolutely stunning bride!! :)