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What I Wore Wednesday


It's hard to get excited about the upcoming week and the Memorial day weekend with a forecast like this:

Really, Oregon? Really? 

Although I'll take rain over tornadoes or mass flooding any day. My heart just goes out to all the victims of the recent devastation in the Midwest and South... especially after hearing personal real accounts like this one. I can not even imagine...

Thankfully we had a couple of nice days (read sunny, not necessarily warm) this past week and I broke out the casual dress/sandals combo again - a current fave of mine.

 (don't even remember what I did this day and it's only been a week - that's just sad!)
dress, cardy & sandals: Target
leggings: Walmart

new flower pin: Sariejune etsy store
necklace: Premier designs

(grocery shopping attempt #1 - got seriously sidetracked by
Old Navy & Target and ran out of time)
dress: Old Navy
belt: yard sale
sandals: Target
bracelet: Premier designs

(grocery shopping attempt #2 - success!)
dress: Goodwill
cardy: Old Navy
sandals: Payless
necklace: Bass outlet
bracelet: Walmart

and now for an extremely poor quality pic that was taken late at night...
(date night, we saw Water For Elephants - good flick!)
cardy and jeans: Target
ruffle top: Goodwill
boots: Walmart
necklace: Fred Meyers

(church, lunch out)
dress: Ross
cardy: Old Navy
leggings: Walmart
wedges: thrifted
bracelet: Premier designs
flower ring: etsy

(prayer group, errands)
sweater: Costco
tee: Shade
levi's: thrifted
sandals: rummage sale
earrings: Dress Barn
necklace: ??

(field trip with Cooper's class)
ruffle blouse & cardy: Target
levi's: Kohls
sandals: rummage sale
bracelet and necklace: Premier designs

I'm linking to 
the pleated poppy blog


  1. Love the Old Navy print dress and the thrifted wedges!

  2. Love the outfits.

    LOL @ your grocery shopping attempts ( I get easily distracted too).

    I think Oregon and Pennsylvania must be the same state because that looks a lot like our weather forecast. Not cool.

    Anyway, have a great week.

  3. I'm in love with EVERY outfit you wore! Great style!

    I'm gonna have to hit up Old Navy and Good Will.

  4. Love your Costco Sweater. So Cute! :)

  5. you just look darling when you're headed to grocery shop!

  6. Love all the outfits! I tried that cardigan on at Target last week, didn't look at good on me as it does on you, though :/ But I AM inspired to try some cute dresses with leggings now...Very Cute!

  7. I am hating this weather! Oregon needs to step into spring! I need some sunny weather so I can wear my skirts and dresses!

  8. You are looking great! We have the same weather predicted for our weekend is the killer...I have to WORK on Memorial Day!


    But bad weather or not, you look fabulous!


  9. you look amazing and I love that flower pin!

  10. I like the butterfly dress, and especially the last black outfit.
    Have a great Wednesday!

  11. That red dress and ruffle top came from GOODWILL?! HOW AWESOME!! I find good stuff at my local thrift store, but not THAT good! Love that black ruffled shirt too!

  12. Looking good Jod. Cute outfit and cute pose for Friday. Sunday gets my No# 1 followed by both Monday and Tuesday...and kuddos to Sarah,her Dahlia pins are really awesome.

  13. Hopping on over here from your what I'm wearing link :)

    Loving all your dresses! That coral one is a great color on you!

    Happy Wednesday!

  14. I have to say, every Wednesday I get on here and realize how badly I need to go clothes shopping. The bad part: I'm terrible at shopping for myself. My kids are more stylish then I am! I need to fix this...soon!

  15. You look great as always, love the yellow wedges!

  16. If it makes you feel better there are about 5 states that are covered in rainclouds for this weekend. So it's not just us being weather freaks. :)

    LOVE that new Sariejune pin! Gorgeous!

  17. You always look so darling in everything!

    Our weather has been dreary here in MN too. Much as I love my cardigans, I'm looking forward to not having to wear them for awhile!

  18. super cute, love all of the dresses!!

  19. awesome style! isn't it fun to dress up to go grocery shopping? i love it.

    (and our part of oregon has the same forecast-only colder! boo, hiss!)

  20. I LOVE friday's goodwill dress!!

  21. I love everything about your outfits! Totally things I would wear, I'm just not as good at piecing things together as you are! I love that first dress from Target especially! & the etsy flower!

  22. Love the outfits - especially the first one. That flower pin just went into my Etsy faves. :)

    Mandy @ This Girl's Life

  23. I love your butterfly dress! I need to try that belted look :)

  24. Thank you so much everybody!

  25. Okay...I bought leggings yesterday. Guess I just have to copy you. :)
    Skirts and leggings here I come!