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What I Wore Wednesday


Getting dressed was fun this week... a successful Goodwill trip combined with a few new purchases made while out grocery shopping, plus a trip to the Seaside outlet mall over the weekend with spending money from my honey, all added up to new options in my wardrobe and one happy mama! 

(errands, evening church service)
tee: Kmart
skirt: Maurice's
sandals: Target
necklace: Claire's
headband: old - no idea!

(grocery shopping)
dress: Target
tee: Shade
cardy: Old Navy
leggings: Walmart
boots: Costco
belt: yard sale

(off to a church women's retreat for the weekend!)
dress: Old Navy
new cardy: Target (how did that get in my grocery cart??)
boots and socks: Walmart
same belt as yesterday: yard sale
flower pin: SarieJune

(women's retreat day 2 - whole afternoon spent shopping!)
new wrap sweater: Costco -DKNY (also bought grocery shopping, imagine that!)
new jeans: Goodwill - Old Navy
cami: Diviine Modestee
belt: rummage sale
new necklace: Bass outlet

new wedges: Famous Footwear outlet

(last day of retreat)
ruffle top and cardy: Target
new jeans (Levi's) and flats: Goodwill
new necklace: Van Heusen outlet

(movie night with Jana for her birthday)
new cardy: Target
ruffle tank: Old Navy
new jeans: Goodwill - Old Navy
 new wedges: same as Saturday
scarf: American Eagle outlet
flower pin: SarieJune
bracelet: Maurice's

(note to self: enough with the "hand in the cardy pocket" pose!)

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  1. Those new wedges are awesome!

  2. Love your outfits! I'm becoming such a cardi girl lately (maybe my librarian is showing?). Isn't it funny how clothes end up in the grocery cart? It's like they just magically appear. LOL

    You should totally post those wedges on my meme Shoe Style Saturday

    I set the link up on Friday and leave it open for the week.

  3. You look adorable! You always looks so put together...we share a love of the GDub!

  4. that is funny that happens to me too, they just seem to jump in the cart while I am getting groceries.

    I really need to find a second hand store near by, to see if I can find some deals

  5. LOVE the outfits this week! Especially Saturdays sweater (with the belt!) and Sundays ruffled shirt, SO PRETTY!

  6. I love your teal accessories! They look perfect with your outfits.

  7. great outfits!! and i love those wedges!! SO cute


  8. Love the wrap sweater! It sounds like I may need to start doing some more "grocery" shopping :)

  9. You've got me convinced I need leggings to go with a new skirt I have (plus it's just been too cold for skirts otherwise).

  10. Best background: Thursday.
    fav's Sat, sun and tuesday thumbs up on all the cute new clothes.
    Sunday..cute pose.

  11. Oh, my gosh, can't pick a favorite. I really love them all, the stripe wrap cardi is awesome (I really need to get to costco) and the wedges, I gotta get me some, yours are perfect!!!


  12. You are too cute for words. I absolutely love your style and how you pull it together! I am in love with that bird dress and the long cardi with it. Great choice. Also, thank you for wearing gray and white stripes with black! Aha, I always felt like I had to wear white so I am now inspired. =)
    I really have enjoyed your outfits and will be peeking around some more!
    Thanks for stopping by She's Crafty!

  13. i love all your looks! and my fave piece... probably your new famous footwear wedges :) <3

  14. LOVE your looks! Especially the leggings with the dress and boots! I am a scarf girl too....very cute! Excited to be a new follower!