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What I Wore Wednesday


Welcome to edition: I took one picture outside and then resorted back to the mirror due to convenience. Let's face it, I was never cut out to be a fashion blogger. 

(and I had my daughter take the pic from way too far away
so sorry for the grainy look I've got going on here.)
(mid-week evening church service)
dress: Goodwill
sweater: Ann Taylor (pass-me-down from friend)
leggings and boots: Walmart
necklace: Plato's Closet

 (shopping, hosted jewelry party)
ruffle top and cardigan: Old Navy
belt: Maurice's
jeans: Gap - Goodwill
sandals: Target

(game night at friend's)
sweater: Aeropostale
jeans: Levi's (Kohl's)
sandals: Target
scarf: SarieJune

shirt: Dress Barn outlet
skinny jeans: Lauren Conrad (Kohl's)
same sandals as yesterday
bracelet: Goodwill

sweater: Kohl's
tee: Shade
skirt: Ann Taylor (yard sale)
heels: Madden Girl (thrifted)
flower necklace: SarieJune

(had a head cold and helped a girlfriend move - a winning combination for a very non-photogenic day)

(last bible study of the school year)
tunic: BCBG outlet
tee: Shade
jeans: Levi's (Kohl's)
sandals: rummage sale
bracelet: Walmart
necklace: Claire's

And that's it! Week #42 in the bag. 

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  1. LOVE the ruffled blouse with the belt! That look is SUPER cute on you, think I might have to try it out this week. The yellow rosette necklace and skirt are SOOOOO cute too!

  2. Um hello! I need that yellow Old Navy top! Love it!

  3. you might already know this... but yellow is such a good color on you! You always look so fab in it... makes me want to head out and buy lots of yellow items!

  4. Love the Ann Taylor skirt, very spring like!

  5. great outfits! love all the yellow :) <3

  6. Love, love them them all - especially the outfit for church!

  7. Love them all like usual! Have you really been doing WIWW for 42 weeks?!?! That's crazy! So glad you decided to do it!

  8. The tunic in the lastpic is adorable! I need to get some more yellows and mustards in my life :)

  9. Such fun outfits, but my two favorites are the game night and the church outfits. That Ann Taylor skirt and the rose necklace are perfect together. And I love the pops of color in your Friday outfit. Awesome!!

  10. Cute cute cute outfits! I am loving all the yellow, especially the Old Navy ruffle top!

  11. I would say yellow is definately your color; I love you in all the yellow(I like all the outfits, but the yellow is great!) :)
    I'm having a giveaway, come check it out!:)

    Take care! Jodi

  12. Your fashion blogger comment made me laugh! I feel the same way. I love your Sunday church outfit, so pretty. I also like the yellow tunic layered with the white top. I have a similar turquoise top that I should try layering. Looks great! By the way, I thought I was following your blog, but I wasn't. Now I am :)

  13. Love all your outfits! They are great and the colors are totally up my alley! I have that yellow and white ruffly old navy top. I actually bought 3 of them (the yellow & white, a gray one and a coral one) I washed the coral one and it frayed all to pieces (the ruffles) and I am just sick over it. It's one of my favorite tops. The outside pic is great! I understand the convenience thing though. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  14. I really like Thursday's outfit, I want to get more belts to try that look.

    also, so jealous you got an ann taylor skirt at a yard sale!! what a great find :-)

  15. It is another fabulous week! You look great. I am still jealous about not being able to wear yellow! :)


  16. I'm a bit behind..Best back ground..good job Kendall.
    Best pose Sunday..also very smart outfit.
    My fav Tuesday..I think I nearly alway pick that tunic...cute pose too.