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Tuesday tips


- When going away for the Mother's Day weekend with your mother, it is helpful to actually bring the card you bought and wrote in for her, instead of leaving it on the dining room table. 

- When working out with a bunch of teenagers, it is helpful to know your limits and not try to push yourself  too hard for the sake of looking fitter than you actually are, or you just may end up in the bathroom standing over a toilet for 5 minutes, praying to Jesus that you don't throw up and lose all remaining dignity.

- When your husband gives you spending money for the coast, ALWAYS spend all of it. You don't want him to ever have any expectations that you might come home with extra to put back in the budget, that would just be setting him up for disappointment!

Not sure what to spend it on? You could buy things like this:

Or these:

Or a delicious sack of chocolates from the candy store! Not that I came home with a delicious sack of chocolates of course. Whether I bought any or not shall remain a mystery.

- My final tip of the day: do not, under any circumstances, let your husband and three children wrestle like WILD INDIANS in your bedroom, or this may happen and you will have no one but yourself to blame. 

Actually, blame them all and threaten all kinds of hideous fates... yes, that is the way to go!


  1. Loved your tuesday tips esp #3 sorry about the door.

  2. Love the dress and shoes! Chocolates are always a plus too:-) xoxo

  3. Okay, you know what I am going to say about that yellow dress....LOVE IT, CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN IT; YOUR GOING TO LOOK FABULOUS!!!! The shoes, love...I have been eyeing a pair of wedges; so not me, so I really want them! The chocolate,'s a given, you have to have it, no question about it! :)


  4. Since I was present and eye witness to most of the above, I'll simply comment on the door... OH DEAR! Wild crazy animal wrestling in the bedroom definitely off limits!!

    And, on a different note I'd REALLY like another one of those white chocolate coconut stacks. Wanna drive back to the beach with me??