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The Tuesday report


- I'm on day two of avoiding Facebook because I haven't watched the Survivor finale yet and I don't want to hear who won. Someone always spoils the results on Facebook. I'm watching it today for sure though because I MISS YOU FACEBOOK!

- My battle with the BFS workout continues... I'm still going every week but in all honestly I have to skip parts of it at least once a week due to pulling some muscle or another in my body. I'm like that kid in PE that always has an excuse why they can't participate - it's embarrassing.

- However, I'm happy to report that I've lost 5 pounds. It's not much, but it's a start and I'll take it!

- We are now into the final 4 weeks of school and my children are starting to show serious signs of summer-itis. I think it's my fault though because I have a major case of summer-itis and have got them counting down daily. C'mon summer!

- Russell spent Sunday evening going through all his clothes in the closet and his dresser doing a big clean sweep. Somehow during this process he took over two of my spots in the closet, which I discovered yesterday when getting dressed and immediately reclaimed. I don't think he's noticed yet but I'm on the lookout to see what happens because I think we may have just begun a closet war. Oh, it's on baby... and I can tell you right now that I will WIN!

- Last night after a yummy (and healthy!) dinner, reading together as a family, playing Pictureka with the kids and then getting them all in bed, Russ and I watched Life As We Know It - a totally cute chick flick starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. I would call that a perfect evening.

- Russell, on the other hand, would call that a fun evening that ended with the MOST BORING CHICK FLICK OF HIS ENTIRE LIFE. So, mixed reviews of that movie in our household. (But don't listen to Russell, it's cute.)

- You guys, I just used Google to look up the name of that movie so I wouldn't have to walk across my living room and read the case because I forgot what it was called. I think it's safe to say that A LOT is going to get done around here today. 

And thus concludes the Tuesday report. As always, full of important and ground-breaking information. Or not.


  1. Yeah on losing the 5#'s!!!!
    I found them...just looked behind me and there they were. Reminds when Rachel Salmon was 16 in the dressing room at some store...looking at herself in the mirror moaned.... 'Mom, there's a Honda Accord back there.'

  2. Oh Jodi you make me laugh! I love reading your post! And believe me I have had a count down till school gets out and it started Jan 1st!! SUMMER PLEASE COME

  3. I have a feeling I'm gonna owe some one a blizzard!!!

  4. I guess I will have to look up that movie. Hey way to go on the missing 5 lbs. Hang in there with BFS ( scary letters if you ask me!