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Super Coop


Yesterday was an extra special day at church. Cooper was water-baptized in front of the congregation by both of his grandfathers, with a special email from his great-grandfather in New Zealand read aloud as well.

My proudest moment: watching him go through the whole thing without an ounce of shyness or stage fright. Bravo, Cooper! (This was a big step for him.)

He was beaming all day long.

After the service both Kendall and Cooper asked me if we could go eat Chinese for lunch. That sounded like an excellent plan to me so I mentioned it to Russ, and he in turn called Cooper over and told him that it was his special day and he could choose where we went to eat out (fully expecting Cooper to say Happy Family, our favorite local Chinese restaurant). 

Instead Cooper said, "Really? I want to go to McDonalds!"

Wait... what? No delicious Chinese? Darn those happy meals and their offer of a cheap plastic toy!

(And that's how I ended up eating a very so-so asian chicken salad with grilled chicken, because once I had Chinese food in my head I couldn't let it go.)

But Cooper was very happy with his decision and that was what mattered.

Dear Cooper:
You are such an amazing kid and sooo precious to me.
I'll never forget your excitement
and confidence that you showed today. 
It made me so proud. 
I love you.

p.s. I think you're quite the little stud too!


  1. wonderful choice, wonderful day, wonderful of that grampa to mention with the mic your blog did that happen :)

  2. Yes, how DID that happen?!! ha ha

  3. I loved the whole thing... and Cooper was amazing! I also loved how genuinely excited and touched he was to get that very sweet card from the Parmelee's. Is he a words person?

  4. Cooper is a special boy no doubt. What a Heritage he has. And what an honor that his Grandfathers had. Thank you Russell .I give you honor to you for that. Love you.

  5. Great job Cooper. Glad to be your uncle. Watching you and your grandpas yesterday made me very thankful (for you) and proud of your family.

  6. Thanks guys for the comments - so nice :) Kelly, Coop is a major quality time guy but perhaps words is his 2nd "love language"?