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Nothin' exciting


It's Saturday afternoon and I have nothing much to write about the last couple of days. They've just been filled with regular ol' life stuff. Grocery shopping, homemaking, watching movies with my sweet hubster, visiting with friends, walking down to the river, and the constant, never-ending, wrangling of children. 

It's not the life for everyone, but it is for me. As long as there are plenty of date nights in between. 

Tonight we're going to see Water for Elephants at the theaters.
Anyone seen it? I'm excited, although I'm not telling Russ it's set in the 30's because if there's one thing he doesn't really care for it's period-piece dramas.

I haven't sat through guy movies like The Fighter and Gran Torino for nothing though. No, Russell will go to this movie and he will like it! And truthfully, he probably will. He's pretty awesome about chick-flicks. And in return I keep going to the violence-filled action ones. 

That's part of what makes a marriage work right? A little give and take and meeting in the middle? At least, that's what works for us. Which is why Russ gets to go hunting and I get to go away on scrapbooking weekends and shop a lot. We have a good system :)


  1. Oh, PLEASE let us know how it is! I have been waiting weeks to see this, but have not heard any reviews yet. I Love, Love, Love Robert Pattinson, so how can you go wrong, right?!

  2. Love the give and take....too bad about the wrangling...our children never wrangled...............................

    strangled, dangled and mangled... maybe, but never wrangled

  3. That is a good system! Haven't seen the movie but recently read the book.

  4. ha ha ha Teri :)
    SO! I really liked the movie! Go see it. Like the family fun mom said, you can't go wrong with Robert Pattinson ;)

  5. Definitely works "meeting in the middle" especicially if it includes dessert right?! oh year!