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Monday confessional - the missing memory


Today I took a fun and nostalgic trip down memory lane while cleaning out and organizing my hope chest - the one my beloved Papa made me for my 18th birthday - and that has been stuffed with every single item of sentimental value to me ever since. 

That's a lot of stuff, people.

(And yes, we do exciting things around here on national holidays.)

I got completely caught up going through love notes from Russell, my wedding planning binder, old cards, LOTS of photos, the diary I wrote in from 1991-93 (age 12 to 13 1/2 - which seems to have been a very boy-crazy time for me...), my "friendship book" from Junior High, and my yearly calendars from 1995-98 that detailed every.single.thing.I.ever.did.and.with.whom. Complete with smiley faces, hearts, and multiple exclamation points.

Good golly, I was thorough!

December 1995
August 1996
April 1997
August 1998
Reading through them brought back so many memories; it was amazing how many little details I could recall once my mind was triggered. 

Like this night in October, 1996. I remember the entire evening, including the moment when one of the guys accidentally kicked over their empty drink bottle at the back of the theater and it went rolling loudly alllllll the way down to the front of the theater. We about died laughing. (Until we did die, from fright, because sheesh, those lions made us jump!)

Or this night in November, 1997, where I tried Persian food for the first, and hopefully last time in my life.

Some moments were very easy to recall...
October 1995 - licensed to drive!
September 1997
December 1998
But one thing I noticed was a bit alarming. 

Over a period of two years, it appears that I cleaned for a lady named Molly on an almost weekly basis. This surprised me, mostly because no memory was triggered. None whatsoever. In fact, not only do I have zero recollection of this job, I have no idea who Molly is. 

WHAT THE HECK?!! What kind of memory issues do I have going on here? I can remember almost all of the movies I saw each year (and there were a ton, like 3-5 a month!), but not a two-year steady job and employer? I am concerned, people!

So concerned in fact, that I've eaten 1/4 of a bag of white chocolate chips while pondering this mystery.

Send help.


  1. Wow!
    You were thorough... and very busy!
    Too funny about not remembering cleaning for Molly... could it have been code for something else!? Seriously, when I look back through old agendas from high school, I can't even understand what I was talking about because it was all in CODE! ;)

  2. HA HA HA - good point, and so true! My freshman calendar was so full of code that I threw it away later in high school, afraid someone would "crack" the code! (Or I was just really embarrassed of how juvenile I was!)

  3. Well I'm certain you weren't cleaning for me. Or my memory has also been wiped (that was some good cleaning. Oh ha ha, I'm so funny)

    I have never. Ever. seen a calendar like that. It is seriously impressive. And I have to say, when my grandma passed away we absolutely LOVED her daily journals that she kept for years and years. I don't think we had any boy crazy teenage ones, but your calendar seems more like a journal to me.

  4. you took someones place cleaning for that old gentleman on 213, maybe her name was Molly?

  5. Too funny, it almost looks like someone else's writing, maybe someone was writing on your calendar!?

    I was just like that and wrote down everything on a calendar too!

    I love going thru old stuff, brings back great times from a "easier" life!

    Take care! Jodi

  6. I remember you cleaning for someone that lived up by the McKinely's. Maybe connected with one of your mom's cleaning jobs?

  7. I have no idea who Molly is but I sure would have shared in your bag of white chocolate chips today as you were pondering it. :)

  8. Help Jod you WERE thorough! but Molly..draws a blank for me too..I shall have to ponder that myself.. I'm surprised Kelly hasn't come through with the answer for you.