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Monday confessional


I've never believed in the fortunes you get out of Chinese fortune cookies, although they're always fun to read.

But yesterday at lunch that changed.

I think this one is a direct word from the Lord... 

Enjoy dessert?

Well I think I will, thank you!

Delectable caramel covered bread pudding courtesy of The Ram, the restaurant where we celebrated my brother's 30th birthday last night. 

I may or may not have eaten nearly all of it by the end of the evening. 



  1. YUMMY...I am currently drooling as I type. I wonder what time The Ram opens this morning!

  2. Where can I get a fortune cookie like that!

  3. ha ha... CUTE!! love this post. ((ps- so fun to find out we have a settlers connection!)) <3

  4. I want to play settlers with you guys! or Canasta for that matter !!