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A lovely weekend


This weekend I was here:
Hanging with these girls:
Jana, Kelly, Jill and I
 And all of these lovely ladies.
The wild "Women of the Word" of TCC
Among other things, we got to witness this:
Brrrrrr! These brave ladies faced the 45 degree ocean waters at 8:00 am!
do a little of this:
And eat these!

It was a GREAT weekend. And after the drive home I arrived to a completely clean house where I was greeted by my husband and kids waiting with cards and chocolates for me.

The best part? After visiting and getting caught up they all cleared out for two hours so I could take a long, luxurious afternoon nap. (Because I may have stayed up till almost 2 am both nights away and come home a wee bit exhausted.)

It was definitely a very: 
The Wilson girls


  1. Great pictures, looks like you had a wonderful weekend!


  2. Oooh, I love the picture of us.