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a little marital insight


What to do when your husband hasn't re-hung your kitchen cupboard door that fell off two weeks ago and has been moved around your kitchen one million times since because it's ALWAYS.IN.THE.WAY...

a) re-hang it yourself

b) hire someone else to do it

c) hit husband on the head with it

d) nag ask politely on a daily basis if today's going to be the day!

I chose none of the above because:

a) I don't think so. When I decide a job clearly falls under husband's duty, I pretty much refuse to do it, even if I'm fully capable, on principle alone.
b) no moola for that kind of thing right now. 
c) I'm not the violent sort. 
d) oh yeah, I did that one and so far the answer has been a resounding no. 

So yesterday I tried what has worked well for me in the past: a little cutsey humor...

Umm... that's supposed to be "reunite me"... didn't notice that little typo when I was scribbling this out!
I left the door on Russ's side of the bed and was fixing my hair in the mirror when he wandered in our room and noticed it. I saw his initial look of frustration at being reminded of the door again, but then he noticed the note attached, leaned in to read it, and smirked!

"Alright, that's kinda funny. And darn it, now I've got to do something with it!" he admitted.


My husband has a great sense of humor and I've learned to take advantage of that fact. Is that wrong? Because I have like, a 90% success rate with this tactic and I don't want to mess with a good thing.


  1. LOVE that strategy!! I need to remember that for the future!


  2. Nice work "oh Master of the kitchen". If something like this happens in the future don't be afraid to try A, B, C, and D, before the cutsey humor. We would all like to read a detailed blog about how all of those options go as well!

  3. You are so clever! You know Russell so well! I agree on items that fall into the "husband duties" we wouldn't want to take that away from them!

  4. It's the rite of all husbands to do the fix it things around the house! Plus, it keeps their wives happy:)

  5. Too funny, you are very clever!