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It was a good day


And a long day. Yesterday, that is. 

It started off with a fun morning walk with a group of moms and kids from church at 9:00 am. 
blurry photo stolen from Facebook
I was not quite dressed appropriately for the occasion but that's because I was leaving to go grocery shopping straight after.

And what would grocery shopping be without a stop at a consignment store, the Goodwill, Target and Old Navy? 

My thrifted scores:
the shoes and first pair of jeans were new with tags too - sweet.
I may have also picked up a cute DKNY wrap sweater at Costco and a navy boyfriend cardigan on clearance at Target. All within my grocery budget of course because I'm thrifty like that. 

Blake, my little shopping buddy, was a super-trooper like always. I learned something about him too: he has an IRON BLADDER. I took him to the bathroom 3 times during the day, with no success (unless you count it successful that he had me go from 0 to 10 on the exasperated scale in 60 seconds flat due to his need to touch EVERYTHING in the stall with every body part possible) and yet he stayed dry! Until finally he went at Old Navy at 4:30 pm when I bribed him with a sucker because Mommy's bladder was nowhere near as iron-clad as his and I was about to burst if he didn't get off the darned seat.

I brought Pizza Hut take-out home for dinner and was roped into watching High School Musical 2 with my daughter, which I fell asleep during. 

AND THEN, because I'm leaving today for the coast for a women's getaway put on by our church and won't be home until Sunday, Russell surprised me with a lovely little bundle of shopping money for the trip (hello, Seaside outlet mall!) as a Mother's Day gift, making me all sorts of happy because if you haven't noticed, I love me some shopping.

It's going to be a great getaway. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Love the post. I love the shoes, I have them in yellow.

  2. Did any groceries get bought during this "grocery" shopping trip?:)

  3. You are a LUCKY girl!!You got some great items shopping; can't wait to see them on. :)

    Have a great weekend getaway!

    Take care....Jodi

  4. Jodi you are truly a shopping phenomenom!, I shake my head in amazement ha ha . I did have to chuckle at Tricia's comment too..yes, how is the current grocery status?!