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A guide to rainy day activities


By Kendall, Cooper and Blake.

If you've had a rainy spring like we have, and have had to find things to do indoors besides watching TV, playing the Wii, your DS, or computer games because your mother doesn't want you to turn into couch potatoes... we have some ideas for you!

Option #1: Ask repeatedly to watch TV, play the Wii, your DS or on the computer because you "forgot" you'd already reached your time limit. You just never know if you'll get an absent-minded "yes" in response  - especially if Mom is busy!

Option #2: Take as many blankets as you can find, and every single bag clip from the kitchen (including the ones holding the chips and cereal bags closed because surely your mother won't mind), and build a fort out of your bunk beds.

Option #3: Dress up your youngest sibling in as many layers as possible, turning him into some sort of gypsy momma (you can be as vague as you want about that part), and lead him around the house in a parade.

Option #4: Draw some fine art to impress your parents and family members.

Copied from my favorite stuffed animal (Cooper)
Copied from daddy's head mount on the wall (Cooper)
Option #5: Create new Barbie fashions out of play-doh.

Option #6: Drive your Mom batty by incessantly asking her to take pictures of you with random toys.

And last but certainly not least...

Option #7: ask if you can have a snack EVERY FIVE MINUTES. When you're told no, ask if you can have a cheese stick, or baby carrots, or an apple, because moms love it when you want something healthy! If all else fails ask if you can have gum. Or candy. Or what about just a sucker?

And that's all we have for you today!

Next time we'll cover activities that require massive amounts of space and set up and only hold your interest for approximately 3 minutes once you start playing them. Moms love those ones!

Love K, C & B


  1. The blue ski mask made me lol...what a delightful post to read, probably not so delightful for mom!

  2. So much to say about this post...
    1. Repeatedly ask to play Wii, computer, movies, Leapster... oh yes how I know that step ALL TOO WELL!!!

    2. Bunk beds were just asking to be made into forts... it's true!

    3. BAHAHAAAAAAA on Blake's gypsy momma look. I think he's definitely working it!

    4. Cooper, you are a STUD!! Awesome artistry dude... if we ever play pictionary, I call DIBS for you on my team!

    5. Kendall you're quite the fashion designer... I love the belt with the flower buckle... VERY nice. I love the attention to detail with even the studs along the belt.

    6. Our children are not shy of the camera are they? No, not one bit!

    7. Sigh... know this too.

  3. I think my favorite parts of this post are Blake the gypsy momma, and Pirate pooh (yes, I get it but it still made me laugh). We're going a little stir crazy with the rain too...

  4. That pic of Blake is priceless..I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Got to love kids at play.