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Girl time and other stuff


Editors note: this post is delayed due to blogger being down for almost 24 hours. I had this post all ready to go yesterday morning... and had no idea I was such a blog addict until I couldn't get on all day and HATED IT! But it's fixed thankfully so life can now move forward ;)

I've had my fill of girl time lately, and I'm loving it!

First off, as I already blogged about earlier this week, I spent last weekend with some of my closest friends at the WOW Getaway and we all got our girl talk ON. Seriously, there was never a lull in conversation. Or laughter.

Then, Tuesday night I took Jana out for dessert and a movie for her birthday... two of our very favorite things!
the stripes and flowers thing was not planned
We picked two desserts to share at Claim Jumpers: our old fave staple - the lemon bar brulee, and a new one for us - the warm English toffee cake. Which was AWE.SOME. We may have drank the sauce off the plate, it was that good.

Then we caught a chick flick at the theater, which we enjoyed in spite of some unnecessary language, although we thought the ending was kind of bittersweet. But I hear that it's a book and there's a sequel that continues with the same story so you can bet your patooty that I'm going to download that onto my kindle. 

(After I finish the other 4 books I've downloaded and haven't read yet.)

Finally, Wednesday I went on an adventure up into Portland with my friends Sarah, Therese, and Tricia to visit a cool resale store called Crossroads Trading. We got a little lost on the way there and even more so on the way home but the important part is that we found it and got back to school in time for pickup! And experienced shopping success!

(Even though I took a whole tote of things in to trade and they sadly only took 2 items, giving me a grand total of $7.00 to shop with. LAME-O.)
thank you stranger from the U.K. for taking our picture!
Would you care to see what I picked up?

If your answer is no, too bad. I'm excited about them...
ruffle blouse (no tag), Mossimo maxi dress, Ann Taylor LOFT skirt, Style & Co. wedges

If these don't scream my name, I don't know what do.
I also bought a really cool Calvin Klein shirt for Russ, which he wore to work yesterday or there would be a picture of that too. 

Total spent: $37.00. Not bad really, except that I was only supposed to spend what I got in trade because if you'll recall I just went on a total shopping spree at the Coast. So I was excited to give Russ his shirt, but it led to him asking how much I spent... which led to me getting myself in a leeetle bit of trouble, not really because of the money, but because "where is the respect?!"

(Good question, And if you've been through the Love & Respect series you'll know what I'm talking about.)

So then I tried to explain that shopping is my vice and sometimes I give in to temptation and just need forgiveness and understanding... and Russell said that it wasn't the same as an addiction like alcohol or something, which I of course responded with, "yes it is, they even make movies about it!” Which led to Russell stalking off and going to bed.

(Please tell me you’ve seen Confessions of a Shopoholic. It’s cute.)

So yeah, it wasn't my proudest moment and I've put myself on a spending freeze until further notice. 

And I hope I didn't make anyone uncomfortable with another episode of "Jodi spends too much money and causes upset in the marital peace of her home", but it's best if you all know that I'm not anywhere close to perfect and that my husband sometimes endures quite a lot being married to me.

Only sometimes though. Perhaps rarely is a better word... yeah, that's what I'm going with!

Anyway, of course we were fine by the next morning because that's just the way we roll, and then Russ sent me a very endearing love letter from work because he's wonderful like that.

I love him very much. Him AND my new stuff... it's a catch-22!


  1. I like that you are so candid about your struggles with shopping :) Those wedges are very cute!

  2. Fun shoppin!! I would love to tag along sometime!! I grew up about a mile from Hawthorne and my Grandma owned her own business on Hawthorne so I could be GPS you would never get lost. I hope, kidding :)

  3. Thanks Joi. Sometimes I look back and think "wow, overshare!"

    Danielle, I would love to go with you and your internal GPS ;) I sure don't have one!

  4. That made me giggle. Not only because I understand the lack of self-control while shopping, but I too, when I feel that I have over-spent will spend even more money on a shirt for Micah as a peace offering before the dreaded question....."how much did you spend today?"