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Games, mini-golf and breaking world news


That pretty much sums up our weekend. 

Friday and Saturday night we spent the evening at different friend's homes playing games.

It's what we do best. Or I should say it's what we enjoy best, because I can't seem to win a game of Canasta to save my life. I did triumph against my friend Brenda in Settlers of Catan though, which was a sweet victory after she made fun of me for watching the Royal wedding and even sunk as low as referring to me as a "prissy".

Not that I'm denying it. 

Sunday afternoon we left the kids with Russ's folks and headed out for a fun afternoon of miniature golf and dinner with my parents, brother, and sister and brother-in-law. Perfect weather, perfect day. 

the birthday boy
Russ, me, Jay, Kelly and Dave
Turns out I'm not so good at mini-golf. I came in last. But who cares? We laughed ourselves silly and and I'm ALL ABOUT THE FUN.

And THE FOOD. Jamin picked The Ram to eat at and our meals were excellent. I already mentioned the dessert yesterday but I also tried their babyback ribs for the first time and oh. my. word.

(That means yuuummm.)

I submit to the jury that he could NOT be any cuter
With Mum and Dad

One thing that is not so fun... realizing that the baby of the family is now in his 30's and suddenly feeling like you're all kinda old. Except Dave of course, who kindly pointed out that he still has a year to go. 

Whatever, Dave. Who invited you and your mini-golf super-skills along anyways?!

After picking up our kids and getting them all to bed, I sat down to browse facebook, which somehow led to googling tornado videos (sooooo terrible what happened last week in the mid-west), which led to me stumbling across the breaking news that Osama Bin Laden was dead.

After sending texts to my Dad and brother-in-law to see if they were watching the news (no they weren't in fact, because they had seen it when it actually broke almost an hour earlier) I watched for a while more before wandering through some more news clips online, which ultimately led to me watching 9/11 footage of the world trade center attacks until 1:00 am when my husband came out to the living room and found me in a puddle of tears.

And that was our weekend. Besides the late-night crying I'd say it was Top. Notch. 


  1. Great photo's, great fun, good food..need to do it again :D

  2. Oh friend, YouTube is your enemy when it comes to you trying to get to a bed at a decent hour! Love the photos from Jamin's birthday, so fun!

  3. Our brother is so stinkin' cute... how on earth is he still single?

    Ladies? "All the single ladies? Now put your hands up!"

    I think we should go into brother marketing Jod!