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Any green thumbs out there?


Question: What do I do with a poinsettia that has hung on for dear life since Christmas and refuses to die? 

In fact, not only has it refused to die, it is still in full red bloom. At the end of May. In it's pot with the gold wrapper that does NOT look like it belongs anywhere in the house two days before Memorial Day weekend. 

Are poinsettias supposed to last year round? If so I've missed them somehow because I don't see them anywhere. And I'd be tempted to just throw the darned thing away except that it's pretty amazing that I've kept ANY indoor plant alive this long, let alone one that seems to be beating the odds.

Such a quandary.

Now fresh cut lilacs from the garden? That is much more like it! My house smells like spring. 

You just wouldn't know it from the potted plant screaming "WINTER HOLIDAYS" sitting on my table.

(And okay, so the lilacs look a little wilty. Time to go cut some more!)


  1. Mine is still living too and I don't know what to do with it either. Do I plant it outside or do I have to keep it indoors forever (where i can't just ignore it like I would if it was outside!) If the answer is indoors then it does not bode well for the poinsettia:)

  2. I killed my poinsetta :( I can't even remember if it made it to Christmas. I have a black thumb.

  3. I have two just like that sitting on my deck. :)

    You can probably remove the foil if you want to keep it indoors. Sit it inside a plain pot to hide the plastic thing and just see how long it holds on!

  4. well I am a perfect green thumb!!! Not really plants fear me and die the first day. However my sister in law is and I remember her saying something like poinsettias are not even a winter plant, so cheer up, plant the puppy outside and see what happens!

  5. Well thanks girls!
    (for the advice and the laughs :)

  6. Once I tried to keep one alive till the next Christmas..all the leaves fell off so I pruned it. Although it did grow green leaves, they never turned red so I planted it outside.. and it froze..we've not had a close relationship since.