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What I Wore Wednesday


A couple of thoughts first...

Non-fashion related: I just watched the movie The A-Team. Am I the only one who loved it? For some reason I seem to remember it semi-failing at the box office... which I can't understand because, awesome! Unless it's my way-to-easy-to-please movie standards. In which case, problem solved.

Fashion related: After checking out Anthropologie online for the billionth time this week, I have again come to the same conclusion as always that I do not like that store. I'm sorry. I know for sure I'm a lone wolf here in my feelings. But I have no desire to ever shop there. Please still be my friend.

And now moving on to my outfits, which have nothing to do with what I just got off my chest. 

evening church service
tee: Shade
wrap sweater: Kohl's
jeans: Gap - Goodwill
sandals: Target
necklace: Fred Meyers

grocery shopping
(funny sidenote: I was recognized in Target by a lady who has seen me link up every week to WIWW on The Pleated Poppy! What are the odds?!!
I immediately thought: "I hope my outfit passes her approval!")
shirt dress: Charlotte Russe
leggings: Walmart
cardigan and flats: Old Navy
belt: yard sale
flower necklace: SarieJune

hair cut & shopping with sister
shirt: Kohl's
skinny jeans: Target
new adorable sandals: Target
scarf: American Eagle
bracelet: Goodwill

shopping & park
(I think this outfit looked cuter in m head. Phooey.)
top: Shade
jeans: Old Navy
sandals: Payless
bracelet: Premier Designs

Easter service
dress and cami: Target
cardigan & belt: thrifted
heels: Payless
flower pin: Maurice's

Prayer group
(some days I just have to completely dress for comfort. Like today.
Except for the scarf, which I basically did zero justice.) 
sweater: Aeropostale
jeans: Levi's - Kohl's
Uggs: ebay
scarf: SarieJune
bracelet: Goodwill

bible study
blouse: Dress Barn
cardigan: Old Navy
skinny jeans: Target
boots: Walmart
necklace: Wet Seal

Linking to The Pleated Poppy
the pleated poppy blog


  1. I'm hopping over from The Pleated Poppy, and I love the first outfit with the pink sweater! I'm a minimalist and it looks great, and comfy, too!

  2. I loved your Easter outfit! The flower pin was just the right touch!

  3. the belted sweater over the denim dress! Great Idea...gonna have to steal that idea! :) Happy Wednesday!

  4. A+ once again....I had to go into Anthropologie to actually see their items. I mostly love their cute kitchen accessories. I DO NOT love their over inflated prices. And you are working the non-anthro clothing just perfectly! Keep it up!

  5. Love all of your outfits! You looked super cute in your Tuesday Target outfit! And I will also be purchasing the adorable Target sandals (sadly they didn't have my size last week though!)

  6. Cute as always! Love the polka dot shirt in the last pic;o) Have a great day!

  7. You look great! I love your pops of color. I have never shopped in i cannot tell you one way or the other if I like it or not. But I will still be your friend! :)


  8. I love all of you outfits, super cute, thanks for sharing

  9. I'm sitting here with a humongous grin. I rented The A-Team and thought I would *hate* it. Um...I watched it SEVEN times and finally MADE myself return it. I just thought it was so much fun!

    Ha ha! How awesome that you were recognized!

    And I'm pretty sure ALL of my outfits look cuter in my head than they do in reality but I liked your Saturday outfit.
    And that blouse from Dress Barn is darling! Am I the only one who thinks that is the worst name for a clothing store ever?

  10. I too loved the A-Team movie. It felt like the 1st remake of one of my childhood movie/show memories that wasn't a complete dud.

    Also, your outfits are always cute.

  11. Love your Thursday outfit! :)
    (okay, ALL your outfits! could I borrow your closet!? haha)

  12. I have yet to see the new A team movie ..but if you liked it, I will probably too. Cutest pose..Thursday, most comfy cute look, Saturday. :D

  13. I just love your looks! Such great style, totally effortless, yet completely put together at the same time.

    I love your accessories, too and your Easter outfit looked lovely.

  14. I just bought those sandals from Target in Turquoise. Now I want to go back for the orange. They look so cute on you!

  15. You have a very cute style! Nice outfits. :-)

  16. I love your style! Friday's outfit is the best. I really like navy and orange together and those shoes are cute!

  17. I just looked at those sandals at Target, same color too! ;-) ... unfortunately we still aren't in flip flop weather over here... or capri leggings... can you tell I'm jealous... {wink}

    I always love your scarves and accessories...

    is it just me or is your hair getting super long? ... sorry if that came out weird?.. ;-)

  18. Wow, you have a good collection of shoes working for you! Super cute!

  19. I love the black polka dot top! As for anthro, not all of their clothes are that great. Some of the brands they carry are definitely better than the others! I only shop the sale rack there! : ) I'll still like you even if you don't shop there!

  20. I love those orange sandals you have! I contemplated buying them the other day at Target... but I'm thinking I need to now! So adorable! :)

  21. me again- quick question...

    what time of day do you link your wiww posts?... you're always one of the first girls... if you don't mind me asking?... ;[)

    can you schedule a link? or do you get up at the crack of dawn to post?... curious? ...

    thanks! Nicky

  22. I love Friday's look, super cute!
    I found you on The Pleated Poppy.

  23. Oh, that pink sweater with the yellow shoes is just perfect. I'm sure the lady in Target was impressed - I am!:)

  24. Thanks for stopping by our blog! Love the orange shoes from Target! And if you liked that yellow shirt you better go back and get it before it's gone. Great minds think alike!


  25. You always look adorable! I love how you mix things up. I never get bored seeing your WIWW posts!

  26. Adorable! I love some of those warmer weather items- like the Shade top and sandals. Yay for Spring!

    As for Anthro, I love it, but I'm sure your wallet thanks you. It's definitely super expensive and you can find Anthro-inspired stuff at Target and places like that. It's awesome that you've found your (adorable) style!