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A walk to the river


Across the back yard and through the brush, to the river we go
 Down the slope and through the tree field, to the river we go
 Around the curve, continuing down, to the river we go
 Beyond the trees and through the stickers from Hades, to the river we go
  Next to the giant Maple, take a sharp turn (and a gulp of air as you look down a very long hill), to the river we go
  Down the first steep slope of doom, to the river we go

 Stop for a breather and smile at your boys, to the river we go
 Glance back at the hill you just came down, and cry that you'll have to return up it, to the river we go!

Around the bend, to treacherous slope #2 of doom, to the river we go
The final turn, we're almost there, to the river we go
Follow your boys, pretending your leg muscles don't hurt like the dickens, to the river we go

Stop to rest, take a glance to the right, to the river we go
At last we're there! Sit down and enjoy! To the river you've come!

Now hike around, and laugh and play, exploring with your loved ones.
(and put off heading back up the hill of death for as long as you possibly can!)

 The end.


  1. I had no idea it was that far down to your river. I hope I can make that trek sometime this summer, but not before I spend 1 month training for the hike! :)

  2. Neato! I love wacking brush and hiking. Looks like a good spot for a family picnic or a tree stand?

  3. Beautiful pictures Jodi, love the family one!

  4. I have got to come and see this once the photos..maybe we should create a little camping spot...( like how I just invited myself over to rearrange your back yard :D

  5. Well Sarah start training, we'd love to have you guys over! Mum we already have plans and the spots picked for a picnic table, little camping site, and fire pit... come on over and work your magic!