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That would be the sound of me trying to move. Unsuccessfully. 

I hurt. 

I'm on week four of a new workout program my husband started using down at the school for the high school basketball & volleyball girls during the off-season called BFS (bigger, faster, stronger) and it is KICKING. MY. TAIL.

There are drills for speed, agility, and flexibility, weights, and something called plyometrics... all things that I have had nothing to do with for the past 12 years, and I'm not lying when I tell you that my goal each week is to stop before I get to the point where I'm about to throw up. And I've had a few close calls.

I'll tell you something: if there's anything that's going to make you feel like a weeny-wuss while working out, it's doing it with a bunch of high-school athletes.  Even the newbie, gonna-be-freshmans-NEXT-year can out do me in every single area. (Except weights. I haven't been toting Blake around for three years now for nothing!)

It really speaks volumes about my love for my husband (and lack of self-pride) that I keep going back. Russ LOVES me being involved and coming down to do this with him. And he is really encouraging and supportive every time I have to stop before the others.

The problem is that I keep having to stop. Russ is running the program three days a week (Mon, Wed & Fri - for TWO HOURS) but I can only go on Mondays and Wednesdays, and the past two weeks I could only go on ONE of those two days, so instead of getting better each time like all the others, I not only feel like a complete beginner still, I actually feel like I'm getting worse.

Take yesterday for example, when I was part of a two-man relay team doing box drills (jump on and off a 12 inch high box 6 times front-ways, side-ways, left footed, right footed) and my one leg I was jumping up on gave out and slipped off the box, making me stumble backwards before falling flat on my butt.

It was real graceful.

I came home a bit discouraged. Russ has taken on the role of my inspirational motivator however and it wasn't long before he had me excited about the program again. Dang him.

So I'm not giving up! At this point I don't even care if I get bigger, faster, or stronger, I just want to be able to get through the darned workout!

In the meantime, if you see me walking at the speed of a 90 year old while making soft groaning noises, pay no attention. I probably just crashed and burned in front of a bunch of teenagers once again.


  1. Good for you Jodi! I don't think I would be brave enough to take that on. And box jumps are my least favorite because I'm always afraid what happened to you will happen to me... and now you have confirmed that it is quite possible!

  2. This is a great post, I am happy that you are going through the workout with the high schoolers, even if its one day a week! That would be a great workout. Also,I am completely jealous, 1. because you totally should have came and worked out with the bball girls when I was in High school, I would have loved that and 2. because I want a group of people to hold me accountable and push me to my limits. I completely understand about Russ being the little motivator, the summer after my senior year, when he was conditioning me for vball, I was in the best shape of my life. why? because he would NEVER let me quit! ever! and I soo despised him during workout haha, He would set little scenarios up for me to make me become mentally fit as well, it was awesome and awful all in one...
    Okay but seriously, can you bring this workout party up here to Portland?! thanks! :)

  3. Good job! Some of those drills are difficult even for the young, in shape, boys. Russell is truly a gifted motivator!

  4. Good for you for doing it! I am lacking in the motivation; but really need to get my butt moving!


  5. Oh my, I'm tired just reading about it! Go you!

  6. I'm with ya sista! I still have a massive bruise on my shine and opposite knee for tripping flat out in front of the whole big group. I'm starting to be less sore and a little more flexible but I think I have over compensated in the food department....I mean if your working that hard you can eat anything you like right?
    The scale says NOT!!!!

  7. what a bunch of whinny babies!!!...git movin'! Or I'll see you at Zumba when you're nearing 60 like me........owie...owie, now where is that Advil...

  8. good for you to keep going, I'd probably give up after the first try!

  9. I'm with Teri! (The bunch of whinny babies part not the 60 part:) Spoken by a person who dares not step foot in that gym between the hours of 3-5 on Mon., Wed., and Fri.!) Hey, you change your blog again. It looks good, but i really liked the the ice cream sundae!

  10. ..can I join ! seriously..we could partner up Jod.

  11. Too funny! I did BFS when I was in high school! We came up with another name for it that isn't fit for a family blog (you can e-mail me and I would be happy to share!) I have the stretch marks to prove just how pumped up I got back in the day! Good luck!