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Some fine craftmanship


You know your 8 year old son is trying to imitate his father, when after watching him work out down at the school weight room, he comes home and constructs this apparatus - to build up his own muscles:

Well done Coop! 

After his weight training he did a series of jumping jacks and push ups, and asked if I would add them to his daily chore chart so he could check them off each day (that boy LOVES lists, God bless his little melancholy heart). 

And then, he informed me that he better start eating healthier if he was going to get himself in shape, and packed an orange in his lunch for school today, to go along with a few of the homemade cookies we made last night. Way to be balanced, son.

(He's got his mama's sweet tooth, that one.)

Oh, how I love that kid!


  1. He's a 'Sweety-Petey' and so orderly.
    I selected some 'Extreme Engineering' on my Netflix for him. Who else would watch them? On 2nd thought, maybe there are a few more out there, since there is Extreme Engineering 2.

  2. Okay, seriously - could he be any cuter?? I just love that little melancholy of yours!

    P.S. I'm still smiling watching his admiration of Uncle Dave playing the Wii the other night. Those two are bent the same way!!

  3. That boy is going to go far I tell you! Far ! plus, I'm sure I see abs developing before my very eyes...must take after both his grandmothers..I'm sure that's it :D

  4. Love it! Way to go Coop! I also see some muscles!