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Scenes from the weekend


Blake was here...

Cooper was here...

basketball court
I was here...

Scrap Around the Clock mania
Kendall was here...

nervous for her very first piano recital
And I don't have a picture of Russell, but he was here, there and everywhere this weekend.

(Including at a garage sale where he bought a drum set for Cooper, an item I would have STRONGLY vetoed if I had been consulted, earning himself a spot on my naughty list.)

(Oh yes, Santa and I have more in common than just round rosy cheeks.)

Hope you all had a great weekend! 


  1. she did so well :)

  2. So how many pages did you get done? Did you scrap Russell's hunting pictures for him? Sounds like your family is well on their way to starting a band?

  3. Welcome to the noisy life of having a drum set in your home!!

  4. Weekends are always so busy and go by so fast!


  5. #1) how neat Blake was to tidy up so well
    #2) Coop is just so creative
    #3 ) Kendall brought tears to my eye playing at her recital
    and to top it off ..I was excited about the drum set! sorry :D