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Monday confessional - "I'm sorry Mr. Officer!"


If you've been around this blog (or me) for very long at all, I'm sure you're aware that I am a seasoned member of "procrastinators anonymous". 

You won't be surprised to hear then, that when I was pulled over two weeks ago for not having my renewed tags on my vehicle (the ones that I received when I renewed my registration back in Dec of last year, failed to stick on my car, and then lost to the oblivion of space and time - or possibly my garbage can by mistake), I came home and searched for the missing tags, couldn't find then, and then put the required trip to the DMV to buy replacement tags out of my mind until further notice.

Sometimes procrastinating really bites you in the behind though. 

And that time would be last Friday. When at 11:59 am, while on my way to school to pick up my kids who were getting out at noon, I was pulled over again. For the same reason. By the same cop. Who was NOT happy with me. And who made me sit there forever. Until half of the parents driving back home from picking up their kids had passed me. And sent me teasing text messages. And I was horrifyingly embarrassed.

I escaped a ticket by being very apologetic and promising to drive to the DMV that afternoon, and the only plus-side of that trip was that I was in and out within 12 minutes flat and then spent over an hour just down the street at the Goodwill.

A little thrifting therapy always makes things better. 

On a side note: the whole "pulled over by the same cop" thing brought back a forgotten memory from my teen days, when I was pulled over three times within three weeks for having a tail light out. On the third time, when I saw it was the same cop again, I laughingly accused him of following me. 

I wouldn't recommend joking around with the law to anyone. Or not fixing your tail light either.

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  1. Too funny Jod !..only you with that adorably innocent face could get away with things year after year. ( Good job and high five I say ;D I find a little Goodwill therapy works wonders on me too..and I dare say Sarah , Laura and Kelly, all of whom were getting their "feel better" all on yesterday - Go girls!!