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It's Friday and I have no news...


Except that I bought a bridesmaid dress yesterday because I'm going to be in my cousin's wedding this summer and I LOVE IT. 

And my sister and I hosted a Premier Designs jewelry party last night and made enough desserts and treats for 30+ people. 

And then after coming home I contemplated being wild and crazy and staying up to watch the royal wedding, but wimped out (or was very wise, take your pick) and instead dreamed about it all night long. 

And have been watching wedding coverage all morning today. 

While eating leftover no-bake cookies from last night's party because they call to me.

And in case you're interested it's cold and rainy here in Oregon. STILL. 

But the forecast calls for 70 degree weather on Sunday which is perfect because we're celebrating my little brother's 30th birthday. Happy b-day Jamin! I sure love you!

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  1. Wow, I'm way behind on the blog scene ..let me say I spent more than I needed to but Kelly's raspberry dessert was so yummy, I need the recipe to make it myself.