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Good golly those are giant!


Yesterday I took all three of my children to the dentist for their twice-yearly teeth cleaning. 

(I guessed it would take about an hour and a half. Um, more like two and a half. We literally closed out the joint. I may have read the February issue of More magazine from cover to cover.)

(There were slim pickings.)

While doing his exam at the end of Cooper's cleaning, our dentist decided he wanted an x-ray of Cooper's upper jaw to see where exactly his front two permanent teeth were, because his baby teeth are still firmly lodged in place at the ripe age of 8 years old.

And what he discovered I found QUITE humorous. Enough so that I took a pic on my cell phone. Please observe...

Exhibit A:
Cooper's current tiny teeth. All the top ones are still baby teeth. 

Exhibit B: 
The reason his permanent ones haven't come down. THEY NEED SPACE THE WIDTH OF FOUR TEETH. 

Exhibit C: 
In case you can't see how big those suckers are, I've labeled them. 

Exhibit D:

The person responsible for the incoming chompers. Russell (age I'm-not-quite-sure in this pic), along with the rest of his family have GIANT teeth. As adults their teeth are perfectly sized to their wide and attractive smiles, but as kids they are literally "all teeth".

I couldn't wait to come home and show Russ the x-ray. Because even though Cooper doesn't appear to look anything like his father, now we know that at least one physical trait has definitely carried on!

And as I guessed, Russ was pleased as punch.


  1. Well,Coop when those babies are ready to come out you will have a whole passel of missing teeth!

  2. That made me laugh, "gigantor behemoth tooth"... can't wait to see those chompers come in for Coop!

  3. Russ told me of one other physical trait that Cooper had of his??????

    ... his eyebrows.

  4. Nice one Tim! Way to try to bring us down to the gutter for a second! ;)

  5. Goodness Cooper, Imagine the bite you'll get out of your apple when those new teeth finally reside on the outside of your gums! Woo Hoo for Big front teeth people...don't hate us cause you ain't us! lol

  6. no way you'll be a mini-cooper..

    in anything (Tim!)