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Good Friday


Here's my short list of why it IS a good Friday...

1. I LOVE celebrating the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus my Savior - and with chocolate no less! 

2. The kids have no school today. This means we did not have to get up before 7:00 am. Hallelujah.

3. I'm getting my annual haircut today! Yay! (I don't mean to go a year between cuts... I'm just really bad at scheduling appointments)

4. I'm excited to make these with my kids tomorrow night - I'd never heard of them before seeing this post and think it's such a fun idea. 

5. I'm also excited to make this to take to our family dinner on Easter Sunday (if I don't eat it all before then that is. And that is a real possibility because, did you notice? White chocolate!)

6. I'm tickled when I see my kids copying little things that I do (in this case, the often used post-it reminder), and in such cute writing too :)

Cooper's reminder to himself to pack his lunch yesterday
7. I'm still relishing in the absolute best moment of my day yesterday; when I was approached by a complete stranger in Target because they recognized me from my blog!

It went something like this:

Stranger approaches timidly: "excuse me, this may sound funny, but do you blog?"
Me (extremely surprised): "yes I do!"
loveliest lady I've ever met: "I read your What I Wore posts every week!"
Me (with beaming grin): "Oh my gosh that is crrrazy, I can't believe you recognized me!" (and then I ramble on like a crazy woman for several minutes)
my new best friend for life: "Ummmm okay... buh-bye." (vows to never approach a stranger she recognizes from the internet again)

Just kidding on that last part, although I wouldn't be surprised if that's what she was thinking because I all but hugged her and took her home with me, she made me that happy. I know it's silly, but that's the closest I'll probably ever come to fame and it felt goooood. Shoot, it was the best moment of my WEEK.

Happy Easter everyone! 


  1. wow - recognition - that's pretty awesome! those easter cookies look like a super great idea, I may have to do that ... next year - lol!

  2. took me a minute, but thanks to Sasha I figured there had to be a picture of something I missed..Ah ha..white chocolatey yummy goodness!(very pretty). On another note, I sure hope your new found friend reads today's blog to find that she is also a feature of a mighty good Friday :D

  3. Lady from Target read the blog today......And no I didn't want to run away, I thought you were very sweet. I never in my life have approached someone like that, I think I was so curious I just had to do it.

  4. I would have had to do the same thing, Kami - because what are the odds of that happening??