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Easter weekend report


I would like to start by saying that in a cruel twist of fate we enjoyed the most beautiful day so far this year on Saturday, the day before Easter, and on Sunday morning woke to rain and temperatures in the 50's. 

Typical, Oregon, just typical. 

We made the most of it on Saturday however, playing at the park in town, spending time outdoors, and hiking down to the river again.

Kendall's Easter work of art - a fancy mud pie.

"Happy Easter"

The river has gone down so much in just one week, which made for great rock-throwing fun.

Russ and I just enjoyed the view and the amazing fact that we own this piece of property. We are so, so blessed. 

After the hike back up we watched a family movie and I made the sinfully delicious Easter candy caramel corn, which took till 10 pm, and resulted in me nixing the Easter Story cookie plans because I still had to iron our Easter outfits. 

I lack time-management skills.

My friends Jana, Sarah and I (thanks Therese for the picture!)
Our church had a fabulous Easter service on Sunday morning and all three of our kids were in choirs. 
Including this little lamb, who was in the "iddy-biddy" kid's choir for the first time. He looks quite angelic here but in actuality he is pleading for candy after falling down the steps coming off the stage and crying quite hard. We felt he more than deserved a treat of course :)

After church we headed over to Tim and Cara's for a huge family dinner, during which I took not a single picture of anybody but my own three children during the egg hunt. FAIL.

It was tons of fun though, with games, loads of food, and an NBA playoff game that kept us there until almost 7 pm because SOMEBODY couldn't leave without watching till the very last second. I'll let you guess who that might have been.

And that was our Easter!

Now to go pay a little visit to the kid's Easter candy haul...


  1. These pictures are so cute! You guys are such a handsome bunch. :)

  2. I had no idea your property went back so far - how nice!

    Now that is one fancy pantsy mud pie! It's very cute - future cake decorator in training?

    Love your Easter outfit! And with your love of fashion you may want to visit my blog today. Sorry to make that sound spammy but I promise you'll like it. :)

  3. I love that picture of you & Russ down by the river... very comfy/cute!
    Kendall's mud pie is beautiful, love the writing with the grass and I oh how I laughed when I saw that close up of Blake "post-tragic-fall-down-the-stairs-because-of-my-stubborn-child" - the glistening tears make him look even more adorable!!

    Sure love you guys, and I'm so glad you're part of my family!!

  4. Love the pics..Kendall's mud pie is spectacular!..she has a great flare already. Great family shot and friends shot AND couple shot..I may have to save them all.

  5. Sometimes not managing your time can be a good thing. Like not making a whole bunch of delicious cookies that will trigger a battle of wills, not that I'm keeping score or anything, but I end up losing:) Good call on not making the cookies!!

  6. I love your property I didn't know you had so much !! And I love your Easter run down, I missed it so I love seeing all the pictures! you look fantastic like always my friend.

  7. I was thinking to myself that i havent seen your river either.... then it dawned on me; everytime ive been to your house its either been raining, too cold or dark. i must plan a day trip :) candied caramel corn was good... dangerously good!

  8. Yes! I LOVE that you raid your kids' Easter candy. I'm SO doing that someday. That's the main reason to have kids, right? ;)