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Awkward and Awesome


- tiredly sitting down on the toilet after a long, hard workout and realizing you haven't even pulled your pants down.
- trying to get back up off the toilet after that long, hard workout.
- realizing at 7:15 pm on Wednesday night that you have kid's nursery duty at church, and it started at 6:45 pm.
- putting your homemade BBQ pulled pork on the stove top over low heat to warm your sauce and then rushing off to church, forgetting to turn the burner off. This is not only awkward but also quite dangerous, and stinky as well.  

- pre-burned BBQ pulled pork. YUM.
- realizing after three straight accident-free days (and nights!) of your youngest child wearing big-boy underwear and taking himself potty when needed, that he is FINALLY potty trained! YES!!
- watching your husband tiptoe across the yard in his socks with his son's BB-gun in hand to get that dastardly gopher that's being digging up holes all over the place. Yes, it was a gopher. And it was HUGE.
- giving your hubby air high-fives through the window after gopher TAKE DOWN!
- asking your three year old what he's doing when you see all his toys laid out across your ottomans, and hearing him answer, "I'm habing a gawage sale!"

- Okay, that's totally awesome.


  1. I found you on the Pleated Poppy, and just read your about me and found out you are from NZ! WOW I am living in NZ, this is the first blog I have seen where someone is from NZ.

  2. My hubby spent a lot of time rolling around army style in our grass last year chasing gophers. He got soooo many. They are nasty little critters. Love Blake's sale. Wonder where he got that idea? :)

  3. OMG! that is hilarious! I needed a good laugh this morning... and I especially love the gawage sale"..
    AND THANK YOU for the dashboard tip! ;-)

  4. First...oh Jodi! You and nursery duty. I'll leave it at that!

    Love that little Blake guy... I should bring Hayden to come visit his gawage sale.

  5. And I will say it once again for the one millionth time, I LOVE BLAKE! Doug and I laughed out loud several times!

  6. That's right, raise them up in the way they should go .."gawage saleing"( pretty priceless B ).. Also,high five from me on the gopher's demise :D well done Russ.( I have a mole or two over here you can scout ; D

  7. Too cute!!! Your little guy is so cute!


  8. Blake you need to learn to pronounce your words correctly. It's not gawage sale it's gairij sale (said with a New Zealand accent):)

  9. That is awesome! garage sale...Is started cracking up. Surprised he didn't want to hide his toys instead :-)

  10. Wonder when he will want to do what I bought from Gare-Age sale pictures?

  11. Tricia you wrote the proper pronunciation out so well I can totally say it right reading that :) Teri if Blake had his way we'd be showing you LOTS of hideous stuffed animals!