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When it rains it pours


Yesterday morning I was rudely woken when Kendall and Cooper burst into my room to tell me that our trampoline was on top of the woodshed.

Apparently we had quite the wind storm during the night.

This was just the beginning of a very weird weather day - 6 inches of snow at my parents house a mere 7 miles away and none at all at our place. Never the less, school was canceled and we all watched the rain fall relentlessly while waiting for the snow that would never come.

It's still raining. By the bucket load.

By dinner time my husband (who gets home around 3 pm) was as antsy with pent-up energy as all three of our children combined and I had to pull out my angry voice to clear the kitchen of the whole herd of them who were either playing soccer with a water bottle, mopping the floor with Cooper's sprawling body, or full out wrestling.

Somehow Russell was involved in all three of these activities simultaneously.

I never thought I'd see the day when I was enthusiastically encouraging my husband to go play at men's open gym basketball for the evening within one week of his hectic basketball season ending. 

We're ready for some nicer weather is what I'm saying.


  1. Smiling...

    please don't look at the time I'm writing this.

  2. had to pull out the angry voice aye?! ...I can just picture that whole kitchen scenario happening :D
    ( you don't want to know how late I stayed up since I'm first to write on your post.. I just may require a little power nap later ha ha ha )

  3. What!! Cara ..go to bed!!

  4. When you say your "angry voice" I envision Mrs. Potato-Head from Toy Story saying, "I packed your angry eyes."

    Made me smile!

  5. Being that it is March 1st, we might see the sun sometime soon? I sure hope so. :) I use my angry voice more often then I care to admit. :(

  6. Sad to say, but me too
    Sarah:( We had snow, slushy, but snow. And then it turned to rain and then my children jumped on the trampoline ( that thankfully didn't fly away in the wind storm) while it poured rain on their heads!